Drop File component



Drop File component can be used to add multiple attachments to the current record by simply dragging one or more files on the component.

If the current record is a Position or a Campus event, the files will not be added as attachment but will be parsed (using TextKernel) as a CV creating new applications (and candidates if required).


Where can this component be used? 

- Job record detail

- Campus event record detail

- Any other record detail


How can this component be configured?

The allowed extensions of the files are based on the application settings Extension_whitelist_document and Extension_whitelist_picture.

The Drop file component can be added to detail record pages when the "Edit Page" is opened. Go to "Custom - Managed" section on the left side of the page and drag and drop the "Drop File" component into the page. On the right side of the page, you will find the three settings of this component.

- Header

The title of the section header, clear to hide the section header. 

- Checkbox "Section open"

How the section is shown on default. 

- Height of the drop file

The height of the drop file section. 



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