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In an effort to provide the best customer experience, we are adjusting some aspects of our Customer Support. These changes will allow us to more seamlessly handle your questions or problems.

Starting on February 19th, inbound calls to and outbound calls from Bullhorn may be recorded. Bullhorn records calls for training, monitoring and quality assurance purposes. Bullhorn uses a third-party service provider, CloudCall, to receive/place and record inbound and outbound calls.


When call recording is enabled for an inbound or outbound call, a recorded message will be
played to notify the caller that the call is being recorded. All calls which have been recorded are
stored on the CloudCall Portal.

The call recordings for inbound and outbound calls involving Bullhorn in the US will be stored in CloudCall’s US Portal, and all inbound and outbound calls involving Bullhorn International in the UK and Connexys in the Netherlands will be stored in CloudCall’s UK Portal.

Call recordings may be accessed by Bullhorn’s Corporate IT department and department
managers. Recordings are retained by Bullhorn for a period of twelve (12) months before being
deleted, subject to any applicable data retention obligations of Bullhorn. Customers and call
participants may request the deletion of applicable call recordings.

For legal or regulatory inquiries, please contact

For technical inquiries, including deletion requests, please contact Bullhorn Support at +1 617-478-9126 (US) or +44 800 032 2848 (UK/NL).

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