Release Notes - Connexys v.11


This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.11. For a list of new objects, fields and visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


This release won’t be installed on all customer orgs since this release is only required for Marketplace (Supplier portal) customers. The concerning customers will be contacted directly regarding the deployment of this release.


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Lightning Ready

We are continuing work to ensure Connexys Resource Manager is ready for Salesforce Lightning. To read more on Salesforce Lightning, visit: Salesforce lightning campaign.




We've updated our Portal feature, the Supplier Marketplace, to make it compatible with Salesforce Communities. If you use the Supplier Marketplace, we'll contact you directly regarding the changes that have been made before we'll carry out the changes on your org. [TRS-4360]


Disable application settings to user sync

We resolved the Apex CPU time limit exceeded error that occurred when saving application settings for many users at once by creating a new application setting, Disable application settings to User synchronization. Enable this setting to prevent synchronization to the user fields. Make sure to update the Site URL constante field on the User object via the Data Loader to the correct value, since this is no longer updated automatically when the setting is enabled. [TRS-4331]



We're excited to announce Documill. This feature allows you to preview CVs within Connexys and allows you to create a personalized candidate CV with the relevant information you define, using your company's branding. This generated CV can be send to your clients together with, or instead of, the actual candidate CV within the workflow steps. For more information about Documill and to have this enabled, please contact your account manager. [TRS-3521]


Email Templates

We've added a new feature to the Email Template page that allows you to link an email template to more than one Workflow step. Within the email template you will see a list that tells you what workflow steps that email is linked to. Please note the email template must be correctly configured for this feature to work, by making sure it's a Workflow step email that's linked to a step. It's also possible to add an existing template to a workflow step from the workflow step page. You will need to do this from a new related list, Available email templates. [UFO-18]


Lightning Candidate Wizard

New candidates in the Lightning Candidate Wizard now show their default values. [TRS-4274]

We corrected an issue where the Lightning Candidate Wizard failed to load parsed CVs for some customers. [TRS-2593]


Lookup filter added to field

We've added a lookup filter to the field cxsrec_Contact_for_questions_c to check if the contact is still active. [UFO-229]


New field added to Position Webservice

We've updated the Position Webservice so that whenever the cxsrec__Sales_consultant__c field is populated the value will be sent via the Webservice. [TRS-4453]


Parsing rich text into rich text fields

From now on it's possible to parse CV information into custom rich text fields in the Generate CV functionality.

To parse information into custom rich text fields, you'll need to take the following steps:

  1. Create a new custom rich text field on the work experience object.
    • The API name of the field must contain the text "description".
  2. In the CV generator fieldset on the Work Experience object, replace the existing cxsrec__Description__c field with your own custom rich text field.
  3. Create a new custom rich text field on the Education object.
    • The API name of the field must contain the text "description".
  4. In the CV generator fieldset on the Education object, replace the existing cxsrec__Subjects__c field with your own custom rich text field.
  5. Change the code of the visualforce page that generates the CV.
    • Replace the existing cxsrec__Description__c and cxsrec__Subjects__C fields with your own custom rich text field.

Because the Work Experience and Education objects are independent of each other, you may opt to create the field on only one of the objects. [UFO-307] 


Questionnaire: optional text area

We've created a new field called Facultative that will be available when creating or editing a question of type Text Area. Checking this field will make the question optional in the questionnaire. The Facultative field is not checked by default, so existing questions of type Text Area in a questionnaire will still be mandatory unless you update them. [UFO-231]



We have changed the way workflows, workflow statuses and workflow steps are translated. You must now enter any workflow related translations via a related list on the applicable pages. The legacy fields that used to contain the translations are now deprecated. [TRS-4232]


Textkernel Search

Textkernel Search is now available in Hungarian and Norwegian. [TRS-4232]

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