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The Layout of most pages in the Connexys application can be modified. In this article you can find an example of which pages and what steps you need to take.


Overview of the most frequently edited pages

Here you can find an overview of Pages that can be edited. Note, we make a distinction between the Page Layouts of for example Standard Salesforce Objects and Custom Connexys Objects*.

* TextKernel pages will be excluded in this article.

 Salesforce Objects 1,2,3

 Custom Objects 4






 Job applications



 Workflow tab 5

 Connexys Resource Manager Setup (part of) 2,3,4

 Applicant tracking/Workflow



 Job alert


 Media Channel

 Job wizard: Configuration


 Candidate wizard: Configuration

 Workflow step

The numbers correspond to the different ways you can approach the Page Layout editor. These are described below.


How to go to the Page Layout editor

How to approach the Page Layout editor differs per page. Here you can find the ways how to.

1. Standard Salesforce Menu

Note: Only the Page Layout editor of the Salesforce Objects can be approached directly via the Salesforce Menu.

a. Go to the Salesforce Setup
b. In the Menu go to Build > Customize and navigate to the (standard) Salesforce Object, such as Accounts or Contacts.
c. Click on the expand option and look for "Page Layouts"
d. Edit the Page Layout you want to modify


2. Links on the Page & 3. Quick Access Menu

These Links and the Quick Access Menu to the editor are available on the Layout of Salesforce Objects and Objects that can be found "under" the Connexys Resource Manager Setup (Connexys Settings). Click on "Edit Layout" and you can go directly to the Editor. Via the Quick Access Menu (3) it is also possible to instantly access the Fields, Object, Validation Rules or Records of the Objects. 

4. Custom Object

For example to adjust the Page Layout editor of the Custom Objects (Candidates,
Job and Job applications) you first need to go to the Objects in de Salesforce Setup.

a. Go to the Salesforce Setup
b. In the Menu go to Build > Create and navigate to the Object, or use the Quick Find
c. Look for the relevant Object and click on it
d. Navigate to the (Related List) Page Layout or use the Related list hover links at
the top of the screen
e. Edit the Page Layout of the record you want to modify



5. Workflow tab

To edit the Layout of the Workflow tab (i.e. Applicant tracking) is quite different from the ways described above. This Page Layout is made up only of Field Sets and there is no editor for this page.

a. Go to the Salesforce Setup
b. In the Menu go to Build > Create and navigate to the Object, or use the Quick Find
c. Look for the Object Job Application and click on it
d. Navigate to the Field Sets or use the Field Sets hover links at the top of the screen
e. The relevant Field Sets here are: workflowTab and workflowTab2 (see image below)


Other configuration of the Workflow Tab can be found in the Connexys Setup. Go in the section Basic Setup to the Application Settings. Via All Settings go to "Workflow". 


Disable browse button: Remove the browse button from the Workflow tab
Disable compare button: Remove the compare button from the Workflow tab  
Default workflow (applicant tracking): The name of the workflow used as default when opening the Workflow tab

Workflow configurations concerning the layout of the homepage 
Job status open: In this field, the Job statuses that are need to considered as open on the workflow overview on the homepage, can be configured.
Workflow report user: Enter whose Jobs and Applications are visible on the Users Homepage

Use of the Page Layout Editor

The Page Layout Editor is a Salesforce functionality and is used for the Layout of Salesforce and Custom Objects.

For more information read this Salesforce article or check the, by Salesforce provided, Trailheads.

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