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This article is the general overview of the most important improvements for release v.8

Start installing: Spring 2017 [Expected: February/March]



  1. Additions
  2. Changes
  3. Fixes
  4. Extra


1. Additions

1.1 Lightning Ready

We are finishing preparations to enable the Connexys Resource Manager for Salesforce Lightning. To read more on Salesforce Lightning, visit: Salesforce lightning campaign

1.2 Salesforce Topics [Tags] 

Within the Connexys Resource Manager you now will have the possibility to add the Salesforce Topics functionality for your Candidates (on the objects Candidates, Job applications and Steps). Topics are words or phrases that you can associate with Salesforce records to organize them around common themes. read more

1.3 Textkernel facets

Eight new custom facets will be added for Textkernel Candidate Search: three date facets and 5 text facets (multi-valued).

2. Changes

2.1 Anonymizing also per Candidate

Anonymizing is extended to perform per selected candidate. A page contains the question whether you are sure via yes and no button. The anonymization is performed via clicking the yes button. Please be advised that this is an addition to the existing anonymizing functionality and it's recommended to not use the manual option without having the functionality configured and running.

2.2 Proposal Portal: Intelligent Loading including Notification

More intelligent loading shows essential items on screen first, and a speed notification shows that in case of many candidates the loading time may be a bit longer. This maintains working speed and continuation for a Proposal Portal screen with many candidates on it.

2.3 Trigger Clean-up

Triggers will be replaced by other components, which will result in more solid and faster application. Even so a speed-up of our development process.

2.4 Option to hide the CV Drop Zone

An extra application setting has been created to hide the CV Drop Zone in the job detail page and the campus event detail page.

2.5 Open new tab Workflow page from Homepage

On the Homepage component 'Workflow Overview' CTRL+click opens a workflow page in new tab. This now works for all links.

2.6 Extra German translations

The translations for German are greatly improved. For example at the more deeper levels for 'Stellen'. [TRS-2416]

 2.7 Textkernel Search: Jobfeed facets 

In Textkernel Search a few Jobfeed facets have been added. [TRS-1670]

 2.8 Update form Privacy Statement

A new checkbox (Privacy statement on update) is available on the Form for making the Privacy Statement visible on the update form. This could be use full when have anonymising of candidates in place. [TRS-1676]

2.9 Disable CC to user on Interview step

Whenever a user plans an interview with a candidate, they receive a CC of the email sent to the candidate. This can be disabled per interview step. For this you open the desired step in Connexys Setup, for example the step Job interview with recruiter, you add the field Do not CC user in email to the lay-out and check the field. [TRS-2376]

2.10 HTML allowed in labels Proposal Portal

HTML is allowed in all labels that are used in the Proposal Portal. This makes it possible to, for example, hide a label (&nbsp;), emphasize it (<em>) or make it bold (<strong>). Please open the article Proposal Portal - List of labels used in the portal for a list of the labels that are used in the Proposal Portal. [TRS-2475]

2.11 More fields available in Compare fieldset

More fields have been made available in the Compare fieldset on the Job application object. The fields that are available are from the Job application object and its related objects. The fieldset contains the fields that are shown on the Compare screen. Please see the Release notes for Release 6 for more information about the Compare screen. [TRS-2140]

2.12 Document URL fields replaced

The fields cxsrec__CV_URL__c, cxsrec__Extra_Document_1_URL__c, cxsrec__Extra_Document_2_URL__c and cxsrec__ Letter_URL__c are no longer used as of Release 8, and will therefore have no value. These fields have been replaced by a new picklist field cxsrec__Available_Docs__c with four values: cv, letter, extra1, extra2. This applies to both the Candidate and the Job application object. If the document is uploaded after the install of Release 8, it will be added to the new field cxsrec__Available_Docs__c. However, this is not a URL field and there is no replacement for that.

Custom fields are not added to the new field cxsrec__Available_Docs__c. Custom documents, as well as managed ones, can also be found in the Attachments (cxs) related list, where the type of document is also saved. [TRS-2568]

2.13 Prefix needed in Merge field

If the merge fields in the email templates are not working anymore, look the merge fields up and insert them again. This will automatically add the prefix in the merge field. E.g. "{!cxsrec__First_name__c}". [TRS-2262]

3. Fixes

Each of our customers reporting a bug via Connexys Support, always receives updates on fixes for that bug via Connexys Support.

Reference Description  
TRS-1670 Jobfeed - list of Search Facets has been enhanced.   
TRS-2465 Questionnaires - Fix on the sort order  
TRS-2262 Maintain api-versions pages and controllers  
TRS-1987 Dynamic SOQL exception  
TRS-2448 Argument cannot be null  
TRS-2011 Sorting issue with German date format (and German locale)  
TRS-2493 Custom fieldsets without GenCV on Proposal portal  


TRS-2390  Unit tests issue: IGB  
TRS-2485 Talentpool layout issue  
TRS-2534 Jobname: unique name  
TRS-2523 Mouseover Talentpool name  
TRS-2482 Proposal portal - Translation  
TRS-2414 Job status & publishing on jobboard  
TRS-2492 Candidate index issue  
TRS-2451 Added padding in mobile version of Proposal Portal  
TRS-2572 Untranslated picklist values in Textkernel Search  


TRS-2410 Questionnaire issue  
TRS-2435 URL Intranetpage  
TRS-2468 Candidate - document preview: dropdown documents  
TRS-2465 Questionnaire: order of questions  
TRS-2365 Textkernel Search: display of Candidates  
TRS-2541 Textkernel Candidate Search bug  
TRS-2445 Javascript form: (sub)domain check  
TRS-2464 Page trsPortalTask does not exist  
TRS-2479 Validation rule error in Hiring Manager Portal  


TRS-2474 Questionnaire: Corrections on translation  
TRS-2555 Textkernel: trigger adjustment on indexing of Candidate  
TRS-2513 Textkernel: Job adjustment result in indexing of Candidate  
TRS-2518 Field 'Created from' available for Workflowtab.   
TRS-2509 Labels adjusted for field 'CV too big'  
TRS-2490 Limit on cxsTalentpoolPage increased  
TRS-2486 Incorrect parsing of Computer Skill fixed  
TRS-2439 Down for maintenance when using update form for a candidate without job application  


4. Extra

Removing: Links to Perform a Step.

You might be one of the handful customers who uses links to perform a step, e.g. in the related list Job application of the Candidate. You will find them under 'Continue Process' and/or 'End Process'. See an example illustrated below. Due to Salesforce limitations and the preparation of the implementation of Salesforce Lightning in the Resource manager we are obliged to take the decision to remove these from the application in this release 8.

Resolution: You might consider adding another field as column instead and remove the current column. See here how you can adjust this. 





Until finalizing the release itself, this article is an indication to help anticipate better on our upcoming release, and are not yet the final release notes.

When a release will be towards finalization, we will announce this to all our customers via email.

When later upgrading a customer's org with the new release, we will inform that customer individually.

Connexys maintains the right to, without prior warning, adjust the material on this planning. Read our full Disclaimer here or download our General Conditions.

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