ATTENTION: iOS & Android Devices Tested with Salesforce1 in Winter ‘17


Beginning with the Winter ’17 release*, Salesforce will only test the Salesforce1 downloadable app and mobile browser app on the mobile devices listed below.

* Currently targeted for October 2016; date subject to change.

Salesforce1-Tested Devices:

iOS Android Windows
(mobile browser app only)
iPhone 6S / 6S Plus iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
iPhone 5S
iPhone SE
iPad Pro
iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad Mini 4
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Google Nexus 5X
Google Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Tab A 9.7
Nokia 1020 for Windows 8.1
Lumia 950 for Windows 10

NOTE: To enable rapid innovation, the list of tested devices is subject to change in Salesforce’s discretion with or without advance notice.

What does this change mean?
Salesforce will use commercially reasonable efforts to troubleshoot issues that arise on untested devices as long as the devices meet the minimum mobile OS and browser version requirements.

Minimum Device OS and Mobile Browser Requirements:

Minimum Device OS Minimum Mobile Browser
iOS: iOS 9.2 or later
Android: Android 4.4 or later
Windows: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (mobile browser app only)
Latest version of the official platform browsers:
Safari on iOS
Chrome on Android
Edge on Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1

NOTE: The Requirements for the Salesforce1 Mobile App in Salesforce Help will be updated in the future to reflect these changes.

Users running Salesforce1 on untested devices should be aware that Salesforce may not be able to replicate some issues on our specified test devices due to device manufacturer-specific customizations.

Also, older devices or devices with low computation and memory capabilities may adversely impact Salesforce1 performance as benchmarked against Salesforce-tested devices.

When Salesforce1 updates are available on Google Play and the App Store, devices that meet the minimum OS versions can continue to install these updates.

What action do I need to take?
No immediate action is required following the Winter ‘17 release. Users with untested devices that meet minimally required OS and browser versions can continue using Salesforce1. However, customers that are running Salesforce1-tested devices will enable Salesforce to more efficiently troubleshoot issues that arise.

Why is this change happening?
Due to the wide array of available devices and our belief in transparency to ensure customer success, we want to share the devices we use for testing and performance marking to continue improving our overall Salesforce1 user experience.

Where do I go for more information?
See the iOS & Android Devices Tested with Salesforce1 in Winter ‘17 article and join the conversation in the Salesforce1 Mobile App Success group in the Success Community.

For additional information, open a case with Support via the Help & Training portal.

For an overview of our policy on retiring functionality, please click here.

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