Known issue - Apple iPhone [IOS 9.3.4]: bug multiple pick-list [08/22/2016]


This article describes an iphone bug for the multiple pick-list type. 

The issue is reported to Apple Support, and is not monitored by Connexys.



This may be of your interest when mobile use of the Javascript Application Form, available for Connexys release v.7+. 


If the type of multiple pick-list can be used, we advise to use the type check-boxes.



Bug Reproduction Path

date: 08/22/2016

IOS: 9.3.4

part a.

1. Apply Form via mobile [iPhone IOS 9.3.4]
2. Tap instantly a multiple picklist field
3. Select multiple options, say 3
4. Finish

The field shows says I have 2 options, and again open the picker shows indeed 2 checked

Part b.

5. Tap a previous field on the form, and go through the "next" arrow to the multiple picklist field.

RESULT: The field say again that I have chosen 3, and again open the picker shows indeed 3 checked.

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