Talentpool: Configure View


This article describes how to configure the table for the table 'People in this pool' on the Talentpool page, and to change the Talentpools members and the Talentpools you see on this page.

Edit table on the Talentpool page

To edit these columns:

A. Go to: Salesforce Setup > Build > Create > Objects > ...

  • Object: "Person in talentpool"
  • Fieldset: "Talentpool page"

B. Add the wanted fields to the fieldset.

View filter Talentpool

If you want to change which Talentpools or Talentpool members you want to see on the main Talentpool page, go to the Connexys Setup > Application Settings > All Settings > Talentpools. Change here if you set the filter by default on view My or All Members, and My or All Talentpools.

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