Seat license: how to set access for users


The use of the Connexys application is based on licences. There are two types:

- site licences

-seat licences


Site licence

In general our application is delivered as a site licence. This allows for the use of the application for every active user.


Seat Licence

In case your organisation makes use of more applications then the Connexys application we switch the licence to a Seat licence. Cases when this is applicable is when an org has additional Platform licences configured or in case the org is used in combination with Salescloud licences.

Switching to a Seat Licence is an administrative action on the Connexys side but requires you to set access to the application for the intended users. This setting is there to prevent misuse of our product.

This is what you need to do when your org is using more then the Connexys org:

1) Tell Connexys that you are using more then the Connexys app (We will do a survey every now and again and notice it ourselves)

2) Agree on a conversion date where Connexys will switch the licence type and you can set the access to the intended users

3a) On the conversion date, Connexys will setup the ordered amount of seats for your company/org in our ISV-application.

3b) On the conversion date, this is what must be done by a (delegated) administrator.


IMPORTANT: Do not forget to add a license to the public/site user

Regular users

Select the user that requires access to Connexys ans go to the Managed Packages section.

Click Assign Licences 

This will lead you to the following screen:

Click Assign Licences

Here you can see the number of allowed Licences we have configured for you to use and the number of seat licences you have already used (for other users). In this scenario we have enabled 2 seat licences and 0 licences are in use.

Tick the checkbox in front of the Connexys package.

Once you hit the add button the Connexys application is immediately available for this user.

Assign licenses through the package 

There is also a quicker way to assign licenses. Go to setup -> Build -> Develop -> Installed packages

Click the Connexys package.



Now click the button 'Manage Licenses'. The following screen will appear.


Now click the button 'Add Users'. The following screen will appear.


Select the users that need access to the Connexys application. Click 'Add' and you are done. 

Site user(s)

It is crucial that the user that is configured to handle all public web request is assigned to a Connexys license. Below you find the steps to do so.

  1. Go to setup and type 'sites' in the Quick Find box
  2. Go to 'Sites', under Develop
  3. Click the 'Site Label' called 'Resourcemanager' (note: if you have more active sites repeat this and the following steps).
  4. In the Site Details now click the button 'Public Access Settings'.
  5. You are now looking at the Profile page for the ResourceManager Profile. Click the button 'View Users'.
  6. Click on the Full Name of the  Active user. (note: if you have more active users repeat this and the following steps).
  7. Go to the Managed Packages part and Assign a Connexys license to this user.





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