Release Notes - Connexys v.7 [Fall '16]


This article is the general overview of the most important improvements for release v.7.

Planning: Fall 2016 [start September].




I. Release v.7 items

  1. Additions
  2. Changes
  3. Fixes

II. One special announcement for next release [v.8]

  1. Change

 III. Known issues



I. Release v.7 Items


1. Additions

1.1 Javascript Form

With the new available Javascript Application Form, your application forms can have a complete style and lay-out as desirable to your own needs and wishes. Even so, it is possible to include Apply Widgets for social media like Linkedin or Facebook, and document drives like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Note that completely setup requires the skill level of a web-developer. Read setup articles...

1.2 Proposal Portal [pt.2]

The Proposal Portal will be a completely new experience with its renewed user interface. As announced in previous release v.6 the proposal portal is finalized in this release. This will be a new possible Portal sent to customers and hiring managers when you propose a set of candidates. The new user interface is responsive and much more attractive. Configuration for this new feature will be done by a Connexys consultant. For more information about costs please contact your Account Manager at Connexys.

1.3 Additional Languages

The Connexys Resource Manager is extended with the following languages:

  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Italian




2. Changes

2.1 Encoded URL current Proposal portal

For the email template to propose an Candidate, there is now also an encoded URL merge item available for the current Proposal portal (to see the details of the Candidate). You can replace the old merge item by the new one. (TRS-2104)

2.2 Questionnaire: versioning

Versioning has been added in the Questionnaire. The user will be able to distinguish the Questionnaire by the automatic add date as new version. (TRS-1986)

2.3 Encoded URL: Request update

An email is send when requesting an update of an Candidate an email. This email contains a URL to direct the Candidate to the form, to perform the update. You can replace the old merge item by the new encoded one if you want to encode the URL. (TRS-1979)

2.4 Candidate submits Availability / Questionnaire

When two Jobs with Availability and Questionnaires are send to the Candidate to provide the details, after the submit of the first Job the 'Thank you' page is displayed. Details of the second Job still need to be added. This scenario has been adjusted by adding the return URL on this page and let the Candidate navigate back easily to add the details of the second job as well. (TRS-1960)

2.5 Questionnaire: save button

When you are in edit mode of a Questionnaire, there was a 'Save' button on top of the page. This button saved the Questionnaire and not the (to be) created question(s). Therefore this button on the top has been removed and only the button 'Save question' on the bottom of the page can be used. (TRS-1959)

2.6 Generated CV in e-mail template

From now on you will be able to add a merge item to add the URL of the PDF of the Generated CV in the email template. When you would like to add this merge items to the email template you will be able to find it under: document > generatedCV. (TRS-1914)

2.7 Mimir autocomplete

When posting a Job via multiposter Mimir autocomplete has been added to the fields, which makes it easier to find your value in the picklist. (TRS-1912)

2.8 Created via dropzone

It could be interesting to know if a candidate/job application is created via the dropzone. Due to a new field (Created_from__c on the Objects Candidate and Job application), the source 'dropzone' will indicate that this candidate has been created via the dropzone. Note, that the source is only set when the candidate is initially created via the dropzone; not on existing candidates. The possible values for Candidate are Form, Dropzone and Wizard. For Job application the possible values are Form, Dropzone, Wizard and Availability.(TRS-1875)

2.9 Removing Candidates from Talentpool

When opening the Tab Talentpool you will be able to remove Candidates directly with the 'X' from the talentpool. Besides that, when you open a certain Talentpool you have the ability to select several Candidates and remove them simultaneously from the Talentpool with the 'Remove' button. (TRS-1192)

2.10 Phone fields in field sets 

The below mentioned phone fields are now available for the Candidate field set 'Wizard_contact_fields': CXSREC__MOBILEPHONE__C and CXSREC__PRIVATEPHONE__C (TRS-1849)

2.11 Applying via mobile: CV or no CV?

A System admin can indicate per Application form if the mobile user can apply without a CV. Adding a CV will always be optional in a Mobile form. If the CV is not added, an update form is send to the Candidate to add the CV at a later moment via a non-mobile device. This works as follows:

  • For a mobile user, the CV field is always optional when the option is enabled for the form.
  • At optional CV fields, an explanation text is shown which explains that a follow-up form will be sent.
  • When a mobile user applies without CV, the confirmation e-mail includes a URL to a follow-up form where the CV can be added.
  • To realize the above options, use the already existing mobile fields on the form.

For applications via mobile including CV, the normal flow will be used - and not the one that is used for mobile applications without CV. The labels and help texts of the Application Setup clarify these workings. (TRS-1835)

2.12 Google maps autocomplete on location fields 

On the Job wizard and Candidate wizard the user can fill in the location to indicate the Geolocation. New is that the below fields autocomplete the users input via Google maps. Besides that the Country fields will be autofilled accordingly. Object Job > Field: Job_location__c and Object Candidate > Field: Town_City__c (TRS-1834)

2.13 Job name translation

When a Job is translated, the merge field of the Job name in an email template is now displaying the translated language instead of the default language. Make sure to use the following merge item: {!}(TRS-1828)

2.14 Picklist limitation for field 'Status' of Job application 

An extra Application setting has been created to limit the picklist of 'Status' in the Job application: Job application setting > 'Workflow status Textkernel entry points only'. When the Job application has been performed via Textkernel the field "Entry point Textkernel" will be checked as 'True'. This will result in displaying of only statuses in the 'Status' picklist that are indicated(by the admin) as possible starting point of the the Job application. (TRS-1792)

2.15 Cloning a Job and Internet checkbox 

On the Job we have the checkbox of 'Internet', this will now standard be unchecked when the Job is cloned. This will result that no cloned Jobs will be published by accident. (TRS-1610)

2.16 Display of documents at Candidate side

The most recent documents(e.g. CV or Letter) of Job applications are always displayed at the Candidates' Document Preview. Now when a document is deleted from the most recent Job application, the same kind of document of the second most recent Job application will be displayed on the Candidate at the Document Preview. Previous it was this not the case, that the Candidates Document Preview felt back on the second most recent document. (TRS-1781)

2.17 Language Candidate

When a Candidate submits an Application form in a certain language this language is set as language of the Candidate. At a later moment an update form could be send to the Candidate, especially when the Job application is done via a mobile form. Now the Candidate can adjust the Language on the form and this will result in a change on the Language of the Candidate in the Resource Manager. (TRS-1617)


2.18 Connexys Candidate Search: Filter by job application

When from a certain Job, searching for candidates via the button 'Connexys Candidate Search', the Connexys Candidate Search page opens, now with the facet 'Filter by job applications' filled with that certain Job as 'not applied for'. By this, you are always sure you are searching within a set of candidates of which none have applied for the job you are looking the candidates for. [TRS-1435] Read more [Connexys Candidate Search article]...



3. Fixes

Each of our customers reporting a bug via Connexys Support, always receives updates on fixes for that bug via Connexys Support.

Note that from these release notes on, we will leave out a full listing of the most important fixes. 





II. One Special Announcement for Next Release [v.8]

We want to share this one special announcement for release 8, since some of our customers may consider to act on it in advance.

1. Change

1.1 Removing: Links to Perform a Step.

You might be one of the handful customers who uses links to perform a step, e.g. in the related list Job application of the Candidate. You will find them under 'Continue Process' and/or 'End Process'. See an example illustrated below. Due to Salesforce limitations and the preparation of the implementation of Salesforce Lightning in the Resource manager we are obliged to take the decision to remove these from the application in release 8.

Resolution: You might consider adding another field as column instead and remove the current column. See here how you can adjust this. 



III. Known issues


1. Enlarged photo of candidate not visible

When enlarging a photo of a candidate in a candidate file, the photo cannot be displayed. However, in the file itself, the photo is correctly displayed.






Until finalizing the release itself, this article is an indication to help anticipate better on our upcoming release, and are not yet the final release notes.

When a release will be towards finalization, we will announce this to all our customers via email.

When later upgrading a customer's org with the new release, we will inform that customer individually.

Connexys maintains the right to, without prior warning, adjust the material on this planning. Read our full Disclaimer here or download our General Conditions.

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