Proposal Portal: Hide and/or replace fields


The possibility to hide and/or replace fields displayed on the portal is introduced in version 7.0

Fields on the Proposal Portal

The values of fields in the proposal portal can be hidden or replaced by the values of other fields. Which fields are hidden or replaced can be configured in the "Connexys Resource Manager Setup" in the "Proposal portal field override" section.

In this configuration screen overrides can be created, edited or removed. An override can be both used to hide or replace a field.

As can be seen in the screenshot above, an override has three fields. The first two define which object and which field of this object are overridden. In the last field the replacement for this field can be configured or, it can be cleared, so it is not rendered at all in the proposal portal.

Overridden fields have to be included in the generated CV at the moment of generation. They will not be added retroactively to existing generated CVs.

Which fields are used in which spots, can be checked by using a proposal URL and adding "&overrideTest=true" to this url. Place this fragment in the URL, just before the '#' in the url.
When using this overrideTest setting, the proposal portal might end up slightly distorted. But the fields which can be overriden are showing in a "object->field" notation. Overriden fields are shown in "object=>field" notation. And cleared fields as "object[clear]".

Date of birth

This field doesn't just show the date of birth, but also calculates the age of the candidate. The age cannot be overriden. To remove or override the date of birth and age, you will need to remove the block Personal Info. It will probably look like this: PersonalInfo(left).Proposal_personal_info. You can do this via the application settings. Other fields relating to personal info of the candidate can be placed in another block or in a custom block. A Connexys consultant is needed to configure this. Contact Connexys Support or your account manager.

Overriding the label of a field

When a field is overridden, you separately need to override the label of this field. Labels can be found in the Salesforce Setup > Build > Create > Custom Labels. In the article Proposal Portal - List of labels used in the portal the labels that are used in the portal are listed.


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