Javascript Application Form API: Setup Saleforce-server instance


This article describes setting up the Salesforce Server instance for use with the Javascript Apply Form.

This documentation is designed for people familiar with Javascript programming and object-oriented programming concepts. You should also be familiar with application forms from a user's point of view. There are many Javascript tutorials available on the web.

This API is available in version 7+ of the resource manager.




The Javascript Apply Form makes use of pages on the public site for generating Json containing language dependent data, and for the File-uploads. Submitting the data is handle via a rest controller. Because of Cross-Domain-Site-scripting nature Salesforce must be set-up to trust the Javascript hosting domain.

The following pages must be marked for public use:

1) cxsApplyFormJson
2) cxsApplyFormDocument

As well as the following controller:

3) cxsApplyFormRestController

Click on Setup->Develop->Sites. Click on the Site Label. Add page 1) and 2) to the Site Visualforce Pages.
For adding controller 3) press the button "Public Access Settings" and add 3) to the Enabled Apex Class Access

Additionally the hosting site must be secure and added to the allowed Salesforce CORS domains.
Click on Setup->Security Controls->CORS and add your secure site.

Release 8 and up: These same domains added to the salesforce CORS, must also be added to the application setting "Javascript Form Origin Domains" (Connexys Setup > Application settings > All settings > Application form).

For more information on configuring your secure site, read Javascript Application Form API: Basic Setup.




The javascript form has a few labels that are used specifically for this form, these can be overridden in salesforce.


Client side text labels

Javascript label code Salesforce Label
YEAR jsUpload
UPLOAD Replace
REPLACE jsUpload
TKTIMEOUT CV_unrecognized
UPLOADFAIL apply_fileUploadError
REMOVE jsRemove
REMOVETEXT jsRemovefileText


Client side Error labels

Javascript label code Salesforce Label
ERRORS validation_errors
REQUIRED required_field
NO_FILE File_not_found
INVALID invalid_field
POSITION_NOT_FOUND Position_not_found
EVENT_NOT_FOUND Event_not_found
APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND Application_not_found
TOOLONG value_too_long
INVALID_DATE invalid_date_field
INVALID_BIRTHDATE invalid_birthdate_field
INVALID_EMAIL invalid_email_field
INVALID_URL invalid_url_field
INVALID_NUMBER invalid_number_field
REQUIRED_PRIVACY required_privacy_statement


Special Labels

dateFormat Label used to set the date format per language
numberFormat Label used to set the number seperator per language


Other javascript apply form specific labels can be found in salesforce by filtering on the category : "javascript apply form".


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