Fieldset Changes after Connexys 6 Release


This article shows the overview of all fieldset changes throughout the application, after the Connexys 6 Release.



1. CV Generator Fieldsets

All CV Generator fieldsets [cxsrec__ CV Generator] will be partly overwritten, for:
objects: Candidate kandidaat; Job Application; Education; Work Experience
fieldset: CV Generator

[!] Possible Actions - for users of this functionality only:

  1. Before your release: note the content of each fieldsets.
  2. Execute Release.6
  3. After your release: refill de content as it was before the release.



1. Other Fieldsets

Object Fieldset [deleted] [added] extra note
Candidate CV Generator Email address   This information is not needed to be shared in general. 
    Mobile phone   ibid. 
      Country New wanted sharing information 
      First possible start date ibid. 
      Hours per week ibid. 
Candidate Step extra input fields   Current job title New fieldset for extra input fields on op step screen (candidate )
      Work phone ibid. 
      Place of birth ibid. 
      Personality match ibid. 
Job Application CV Generator Job name   This information is not needed to be shared in general.
    Status   ibid. 
    Job application date   ibid. 
      Summary nieuw, so will show EMPTY in left column of CV Generate screen
      Hourly pay rate ibid.
      Rating ibid.
Job Application Compare fieldset   Status New fieldset to compare job applications
      Hard Criteria Match (%) ibid. 
      Rating ibid. 
      Price + Quality % ibid. 
      Price % ibid. 
      Quality % ibid. 
Job Application Fields in the Step selection table   Rating This is the fieldset with job application fields, shown at the step screen.
Job Application Step extra input fields   Total score New fieldset for extra input fields on step screen (job application)
Job Application Send questionnaire   Questionnaire  Part of the new Questionnaires functionality 




  • TRS-1782
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