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The application we offer can be integrated with popular mail clients like Outlook. This article describes the options that are available with their pro's and cons. Salesforce offers a lot of options that are supported by Salesforce for a very long time (email to Salesforce and SFO) or are being invested in since a couple of years 

Please note that Connexys does not offer any support on these integrations. This article is there to help you decide what is best for you/your company.

The general options are:

  1. Email to Salesforce
  2. Salesforce for Outlook (SFO)
  3. Exchange sync (for cloud version Outlook)
  4. Salesforce App for Outlook (for cloud version Outlook)
  5. Third party

1. Email to Salesforce

Please see this article on the Salesforce site.

+ No client or server set-up required

+ E-mail is matched to a contact or candidate record based on e-mail address.

+ In case of no matches it is stored in My Unresolved Items

+ In case of multiple matches it is stored at all matches

- Only email is supported by forwarding it to a special Salesforce address or by cc-ing it to that address.


2. Salesforce for Outlook (SFO)

Please see this article on the Salesforce site.

+ Syncs everything (tasks, calendar, events, mail)

+ Fully configurable in SF

+ Will find candidates

+ Excellent support on the product since Salesforce uses this for Salescloud too.

- Install for every workstation

- Does not run on Windows server (Citrix) or Mac.

3. Exchange sync (beta)

Please see this article on the Salesforce site.

This product is intended for users of the cloud version of Outlook

+ Syncs contacts and calendars

+ Little setup time

- Requires purchase digital certificate

- Requires opening up insecure port

- No e-mail sync

4. Salesforce App for Outlook

Please see this article on the Salesforce site.

+ Syncs Contacts, Accounts

+ MS is investing heavily in it

+ Works on Office365 (Mac!)

+ Can be installed through Exchange

- Will NOT find candidates

- Not everything can be synced (yet)

5. Third party

There are several third party apps. Connexys has some experience with these apps. Linkpoint360 is knowledgeable about the Connexys app and has created custom logic, able to access the custom object Candidate.


+ Syncs everything

+ Will find candidates

- Install for every laptop

- Costs app. 5 USD/u/m

Other 3rd party tools are available as well.

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