This article describes the use and setup of the Questionnaires and the Questions.

Using questionnaires

  1. Go to Connexys Setup > Questionnaires
  2. Here you can create a New Questionnaire or a New Question
  3. Selecting New Questionnaire results in the following screen:
    Fill in the fields:
    1. Questionnaire Name (mandatory);
    2. Title: Name of the questionnaire which will be shown to the candidate. If you leave this blank, the Questionnaire Name will be shown to the candidate;
    3. Introduction text: Introduction text for the candidate which will be shown on the form to the candidate.
  4. Check the checkbox Reject automatically if you want to reject candidates automatically if they score below a preset score. You can manage the automatic rejection settings in the section that shows up after checking the checkbox.
  5. The section ‘Add questions to the questionnaire and sort them in the right order’ makes you add existing questions or new questions to the questionnaires.

When creating a new question you have 5 Display types to choose from:

  • Pulldown
  • Checkboxes
  • Text
  • Text area
  • Radio buttons


Pulldown, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons gives you the option to:

  • Give each answer a score from 0 – 100. By adding up all the scores from the answers of the candidate, the candidate receives a questionnaire score. If this score is below the number in the field ‘reject below score’ the candidate will be automatically rejected, the rejection email is sent the next business day at the specified time;
  • Mark the candidate as knocked out when selecting the corresponding answer. The candidate will automatically be rejected when he submits the form. The rejection email is sent the next business day at the specified time;
  • Add a hard criterium value to the candidate when the candidate selects the corresponding answer.

Add logic between questions
Within a questionnaire it is possible to add logic between questions. By selecting the ‘Add logic between questions’ button you can select if questions are only shown when a certain answer of another question is chosen. The logic between the questions only exists within the questionnaire where you setup the logic. If both questions are used in another questionnaire, the logic is not automatically set.

As of Release 9 (expected in the Summer of 2017) it will be possible to add logic to more than one answer per question. The single select field on the screen where you set up the logic has therefore been changed to a multi select field. The new logic will also be cloned when you clone a questionnaire.

Using questionnaires in workflow rules + email alerts
It is also possible to send questionnaires with workflow rules and email alerts for:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Jobs
  • Campus events
  • Candidates
  • Job applications

You can use the following URL parameters to link the answered questionnaires to existing records in the database:


URL parameter







Campus event




Job application


Any other object

use the field name of the lookup field on the Answered questionnaire object as the URL parameter name and the ID as the value. For example:

if you have a custom object with API name = "custom_object__c" and a lookup field on the answered questionnaire object with the API name called "custom_field__c", the right URL parameter is then: custom_field__c=a1k24000000LNRU

This can be used in version 9 and higher.


When you create the salesforce e-mail template, you will add a URL to the questionnaire page to the template. An example of a working URL for an email alert that is sent from a workflow rule based on the Job object is: a0C2400000ASKLPEA5

  • replace the Site URL ( ) with your own site URL. You can find the site URL in the Connexys Resource Manager Setup under “Application settings / General”
  • replace the jobId (a0C2400000ASKLPEA5) with a merge field that returns the right record ID of the job.

Setup questionnaires

Grant the site user the needed rights

Questionnaires are answered by candidates or other persons on your salesforce site. Before the functionality can work on your site, you must give the site user the needed user rights.

To setup these rights: 

  • Go to: Salesforce setup > Develop > Sites
  • Click on the name of your Sitelabel (for example “cxsrec”)
  • Click button: Public access settings
  • Click “Edit”

 You will end up in the screen below: 

Go to the section ‘Custom Object Permissions’, and check the needed CRUD rights:






View all

Modify all

Answered questions







Answered questionnaires














Question Answer options







Question Answer options translated







Questions in questionnaire














Questionnaires translated







Questions translated







  1. Grant normal users the needed rights

Also the normal users will need the these CRUD rights to the relevant objects

Furthermore they need field level access to:

  • Field ‘Questionnaire‘ in: Job, Campus event and Form
  • All fields of the above eight objects
  • New fields in the job application object (last questionnaire answered, last questionnaire score, last questionnaire max score)
  1. Add cxsAnswerQuestionnaire to the enabled pages
  • Go to: Salesforce setup > Develop > Sites
  • Click on “cxsrec” (sitelabel)

In the section Visualforce pages, click ‘edit’.

And add cxsAnswerQuestionnaire to the enabled pages.

  1. Add a questionnaire to a job

A candidate can receive a questionnaire right after completing his job application. First make sure the field ‘Questionnaire’ is available on the page layout of the Job. Go to Salesforce Setup > Create > Objects > Job and edit the page layout.


Within the job, select the questionnaire that you want the candidate to receive after applying in the field ‘Questionnaire’.

The results of the questionnaire can be made visual on the Job Application. Go to Salesforce Setup > Create > Objects > Job Application and the following fields to the page layout:

  • Last questionnaire max score
  • Last questionnaire score
  • Last questionnaire answered


  1. Add a questionnaire to an open application

Candidates applying on the open job application can also receive a questionnaire. Within the form, select the questionnaire in the field ‘Questionnaire (for open applications).

  1. Add a questionnaire in the workflow

Questionnaires can be used as a step in the workflow (applicant tracking process) too.

In order to use a questionnaire in the workflow, you should:


  1. Create a new fieldset;
  2. Create a new email template;
  3. Create new workflow steps.


  1. Create a new fieldset;

The first choice you have, is if you always want to send the same questionnaire, or if you want the user to specify which questionnaire to send.

If you want the user to specify the questionnaire, you should first create a new fieldset on the cxsStep__c object first.

  • Salesforce setup > Create > Objects > Step
  • Navigate to “Fieldsets”
  • Click “New”
  • Give the fieldset a name (for example “questionnaire”) and add the field “questionnaire” to the selected fields section.


  1. Create a new email template

Following step is to create an email template that will be used to send the questionnaire to the candidate.


  • Go to: Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Email templates;
  • Click new;
  • Use the “Workflow step” email type;
  • Write the email template;
  • At some point in the email template, you want to add a URL to the answer questionnaire page.

An example of a working url for a variable questionnaire is below (this is just one string):




  1. Create new workflow steps

Create a new workflow step that will be created when the candidate submits the job application

  • Navigate to Connexys Resource Manager Setup
  • Navigate to Workflow steps
  • Click new
  • Give the workflow step a relevant name (for example: “Send questionnaire”)
  • Give the workflow step a unique number (for example: 75)
  • Add the fieldset name (of the fieldset you created above)  to the “Step fieldset 1” field
  • Add the email template you created to the workflow step to the field “Candidate email template”
  • Save the workflow step


Following step is to create a new workflow step that will be used when the candidate answers the questionnaire. 

  • Navigate to Connexys Resource Manager Setup
  • Navigate to Workflow steps
  • Click new
  • Give the workflow step a relevant name (for example: “Questionnaire anwered by candidate”)
  • Give the workflow step a unique number (for example: 76)
  • Save the workflow step
  • Make sure the field Is answer questionnaire step is checked


Following step is to add the new “Workflow steps” to the workflow.

  • Navigate to Connexys Resource Manager Setup
  • Navigate to Workflows
  • Open the workflow you want to add the step to
  • Create a new workflow status “Questionnaire sent”
  • Create a new workflow status “Questionnaire answered”
  • Open the workflow status where you want the user to be able to send the questionnaire.
  • Add a new transition to the “Questionnaire sent” status. Use the workflow step you created above
  • Open the “Questionnaire sent” workflow status
  • Add a new transition to the “Questionnaire answered” status. Use the workflow step you created above


To reject candidates automatically when their score is too low or because of a knockout, you need an email template of the type Confirm job application.

     7. Add the workflow rules that send out the delayed rejection email

If you want to make use of the automatic rejection e-mail you have to make sure that 2 workflow rules are configured and activated. The names of the workflow rules are:

- Emailsenderdelayed
- Emailsenderdelayedasworkflowuser

When the workflow rules are not there yet, please contact your contact person at Connexys.










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    Bedankt voor de uitleg! Is het ook mogelijk om de lay-out van de vragenlijst enigszins aan te passen? Wat meer witruimte tussen de vragen en het vergroten van de antwoordvelden?

    Alvast bedankt.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

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    Hallo Martin,

    Er zijn twee velden in de applicatie instellingen onder Questionnaire waar je styling specifiek voor vragenlijsten kunt toevoegen:
    Questionnaire_html_before en Questionnaire_html_after.

    Daarnaast kun je ook vanuit de stylesheet de vragenlijst stylen. Deze vind je via Applicatie instellingen - All settings - Application form - Stylesheet.

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    Hallo Natalie,

    Die CSS aanpassing geldt dan voor alle vanuit CXS gegenereerde formulieren. Ik wil het alleen aanpassen voor de vragenlijst. Is dat ook mogelijk?


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    Natalie van der Loos

    Hallo Martin,

    Dat kan via de volgende twee applicatie instellingen onder Questionnaire:
    Questionnaire_html_before en Questionnaire_html_after.

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