Feature Requests: how do we handle Change Requests?


Update September 2017: We no longer accept Feature Requests. If you want to submit a change request that would normally be a Feature Request, you now need to submit a roadmap item with your account manager. Please contact your account manager for more information.


As a superuser of the Resource Manager, you have received our email regarding the change in our handling of change requests. The information that was sent in the email on March the 29th 2016 can be found below. 


We would like to inform you about the way we will handle change requests from now on. The increasing amount of change requests and the regular development of our application make it necessary for us to choose between the submitted requests. We will use the Feature Requests functionality on our Community to correctly prioritize the submitted change requests.

How does this work?
When you have a change request, you can create a Feature Request yourself. Users from other organisations can view the submitted requests, vote for them and comment on them. Do not forget to click on the Follow button on the page of your submitted request or a request you voted for. This makes sure you will receive updates. It is also possible to follow the entire Feature Requests section to receive notifications when a new request is submitted. 

Due to the fact that our application is used in several countries, we ask you to submit all requests in English.

What will happen with the requests?
Every release will contain at least one developed request, depending on the amount of development hours needed for the request. When reviewing the requests, we do not only focus on the requests with the most votes, but also if the request is (technically) feasible and fits in the Candidate Journey*. This allows us to make sure the changes have a support base with our users, but also suit the application we have in mind.

Existing change requests, which have not been developed yet, will be entered as a Feature Request by us. The submitter will receive a notification as soon as the request has been entered.



Do you have any questions about this?
Please contact Customer Support by email help@connexys.com or by phone at +31 10 498 09 88.

*) Read, ask, or share more about Journeys on the Connexys Blogs.

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