Salesforce: Service disruption March the 2nd, 2016 (Resolved)


Update March 4th

Please note that we monitor uptime statistics for all Salesforces EU nodes here:



Update March 3rd

As of 02:00 UTC, the service disruption has been resolved. Salesforce has determined that the issue was caused by a storage failure, which impacted communication to the storage tier. 

The service disruption began at 15:03 UTC, during the service disruption, customers will have experienced an inability to access the Salesforce application. EU2 was moved to a Read-Only state as of 19:47 UTC. In Read-Only mode, end users were able to view data, but were not able to perform additions or modifications.

Full access was restored to the instance as of March 03, 01:55 UTC but a subsequent period of performance degradation was experienced as part of the recovery process. Full service was restored as of March 03, 04:25 UTC.


As of 15:15 UTC, the EU2 instance of Salesforce is experiencing a service disruption. During a service disruption, end users are unable to access the service. Additional information will be posted to as it becomes available.

For detailed information and updates on the disruption on EU2 you can visit this link.

To check on which instance your organisation operates, please visit this page, click on the question mark and enter the name of your domain.


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