This article describes the Use and Setup for the Availability functionality.

The availability is an easy check for known candidates. From within the application (for example from a talentpool) the recruiter can send a URL to candidates. Candidates can click on the URL and fill in their availability. Also they can apply with one click.


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I. Use

II. Application Settings



I. Use

1. Availability display

The screen-availability is a new screen that can be used for two purposes:

a) the candidate receives a URL to the screen as part of a specific job. In that case, the applicant can show that he is available for this position.
b) the candidate receives a URL to the screen, not in the context of one or more vacancies. In that case the candidate can pass on his availability.

  • Top of the screen is a title and explanation text. You can customize this explanation text. In addition to application settings, the ability to display additional HTML top of the page.
  • Below the title is a table with vacancies (Only if there is to be sent multiple jobs). The user must select one of the job, then it is shown below
  • If the candidate engages in the [context of a vacancy] on the URL, he sees a vacancy section on which are displayed at the top of a veldset with fields of the job. Think of:
    • job Name
    • location
    • client
    • Start Date
    • Finished
    • Work Schedule
    • etc.

Below the screen is always a section "Your Availability" show containing a veldset with availability fields. Also here first an explanation text.
Recording Standard in veldset:

  • Availability
  • Availability explanation
    When saving the page, the "Date last update of availability" should be put on today.
    If you change jobs, you remember this information.

Below is a section "Are you interested in this job?" This section also places a text explanation.
Underneath a field "Interested in this job" with two options:

  • Yes, I am interested
  • No, I'm not interested

Underneath a field "CV" with options:

  • Reuse Existing CV
  • Upload New CV

On the bottom of the page is a button at the bottom of the screen "Save" and "Cancel".


Processing of the page:

  • If the candidate in the field "Interested in this vacancy" "Yes, I'm interested" button, then an entry is created by the candidate for the vacancy. The last CV of the candidate will be automatically taken to the create subscription. (Whether it is written CV uploaded by the candidate)
  • If the vacancy is established questionnaires and candidate interested in the job, it must be filled in the questionnaire in a follow-screen.
  • The status of the registration is the entry status [/ standard linked to the vacancy] workflow.

The correct record "Job sent by email" update regarding the field "Date response saved"
Availability is stored in the application form.

  • The two fields are filled with the correct value.


2. Narrow Field-availability to screen

  • "Send email" on the screen, you can send an email on the talent pool to the selected candidates. The mail should be included a link to the screen-availability.
  • On the screen, "Jobs send" you can send an email with a link to the job to the candidate. The mail should be included a link to the screen-availability.



II. Setup

Here is described how availability can be set up for the different purposes.

1. Two fields can be added: on the application form (in a field set).

  • "Availability"
    With pull-down options: "I am available", "I am available after notice period (after notice)" and "I am not available (Not available)"
  • "Availability explanation"

2. To share the Availability screen (with the Candidate) the following Job fieldsets can be used for this: 

  • Availability_detailfields - here you can setup the fields of the Job. 
  • Availability_listFields - Are more Job send at once? Then a list of the Jobs is shown. Here you will be able to define the fields that need to be displayed in this list view. 

3. Availability page HTML

Top of the screen is a title and explanation text. You can customize this explanation text. 

Go to: Setup > look for Custom labels

Look for the following 3 labels:

  • Availability_htmlAbove (HTML added here will be placed at the top of the Availability Check page.)
  • Availability_htmlBelow (HTML added here will be placed at the bottom of the Availability Check page.)
  • Availability_Thanks (HTML added here will be shown on the thank you page after the availability check page.

Open the labels > scroll to 'Local Translations /  Overrides' > click on the button 'New Local Translations / Overrides'. Then you select a language and in the field 'Translation Text' you add the HTML.

It recommended to do this for all the languages.

4. Email 

a. Find the e-mail Templates.

1. For: just sending the Availability from the 'send e-mail' (Talentpool):

  • Email template type: Candidate Generic Email


2. For: Availability in combination with a Job, send from 'job by e-mail (vanuit Talentpool).
  • Email template type: System email
  • System template: Default_group_mail_a_friend_e_mail
  • Object: cxsMail_a_friend__c

b. Use the e-mail Merge-item(s).

1. Standard:

  • {!link.available}

2. Or an encoded link:

  • {!link.availableEncoded}


5. Create a Button for the Candidate Layout

It may be handy to create a button on the Candidate lay-out, to immediately ask out the availability from a Candidate Detail Page.

On the Candidate object, create a new Button, with:

  • 'Label':
    Request availability
  • 'Button or link-URL: 

 6. Three fields can be added: on the 'people in this pool' Talentpool table

  • The three "Availability" fields as shown above can be added to the talentpool table 'people in this pool'.


7. For existing customers (org created before 6 release):

7a. Check profile settings for Site user profile

When the Availability form is opened by a Candidate, the fields may not be visible/editable by default. To solve this, check the Profile of the site-user (mostly named Resource Manager profile):

  • Site user profile must have access to Visual Force page Availibity

  • Site user profile must have access (new) Availibity fields on Candidate object

7b. Check picklist values on Candidate record-types

The (new) picklist fields on Candidate about Availability may not have been assigned to (all) the active Candidate record-types. Check this to make sure the values are available.

7c. HTML labels

On existing orgs, the custom labels to set the HTML Above values may not be created yet. Check this and search on Custom label Availability_htmlAbove and Availability_htmlAfter. In case these labels don’t exist, create them.



There are some changes to "send job"

  • When sending jobs to applicants records will be created in "Jobs sent by email".
  • A URL will be sent to the candidate. The URL contain parameters:
    • Job IDs (comma separated) if in the context of one or more jobs.
    • Candidate ID
    • Accesskey, a new field here must be, because the ordinary accesskey is already used for other things.
  • On the object, "Sent by email to" are two fields created:
    • Date job viewed
    • Date response saved
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