GermanPersonnel multiposter


This artictle described how to use and setup GermanPersonnel (GP) multiposter.



  1. Use
  2. setup
  3. technical info



1. Use

To publish a job via GP:

a. Make sure at least this fields on the Job Detail are set:

  • Status: open
  • Internet: check ON
  • Start-date & end-date: today's posting date lies within this range


b. Use the button "Publish via GermanPersonnel" on the Job detail.


c. On the the following pages you can set the extra data to publish the job.

Note. If there was a previously post to GermanPersonnel, the new screen will be pre-filled with that data.



2. Setup

a. Contract

After creating a contract with GermanPersonnel, you will get an GP Account Id number #### from GP.

b. Settings

Go To: Connexys Setup > Application Settings > All Settings > Publish on job board.  And fill in the needed fields.


  • The Account Id number #### is usually set in the application settings, but can also be set for each user so to overrule the general settings.
  • Some settings are CXS-only, which means can only be set by a Connexys consultant.

c. Button

Create the button "Publish via GermanPersonnel" for the Job detail page

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