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This article describes the use and setup for the Opt-in or opt-out options for mailings on Job Openings and/or Newsletters. 


  • I.  Use 
  • II. Setup



I. Use

  1. Use opt-in or opt-out

First you need to decide whether the candidate or contact is given the option to opt-out for newsletters/job openings or to opt-in for newsletters/job openings.

Go to Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Application settings > Application form > All settings. Check the ‘Use email opt-out’ field and users will see the opt-out option meaning that selecting the email settings checkboxes, they will be opting out of receiving newsletters and new job mailings.
If this field is unchecked, users will be forced to select the email setting checkboxes so that they do receive newsletters and new job mailings.

  1. How can a candidate or contact check himself as opt-in or opt-out

A candidate has two ways to check him himself as opt-in or opt-out.


On the form a candidate or contact can check himself as opt-in or opt-out. Check II. Setup how to show those options on a form.


On the Candidate and Contact object there is a new field ‘Email opt out url’. This URL can be merged into all email communication. It provides a candidate with the following screen.

The result of the choice of the candidate or contact can be viewed on the Candidate or Contact object on the fields ‘Opt-out for jobs by email’ and/or ‘Opt-out for newsletters’.

  1. Result of a opting out

If the candidate or contact is checked as ‘opt-out for jobs by email’ and a user selects ‘Send job via email’ on the Job object, the user will be mentioned like the example below. The user will still be able to send the job by email.

If the candidate or contact is checked as ‘opt-out for newsletters’, the candidate or contact will not receive newsletters. The Connexys application does not send newsletters. If you make use of external tools (for ex. MailChimp) it is possible to send newsletters. An integration can be made between the newsletter and the preference of the candidate or contact (field: opt-out for newsletters). For setting up this integration, please contact our Consultants.

When sending a system generated email (other than a new job opening or newsletter) to the candidate or contact who has opted-out, the sender receives a warning with a reminder.

II. Setup

1. Fields on Candidate

Put the fields ‘opt-out for newsletters’ and ‘opt-out for jobs by email’ on the candidate and/or contact page layout. Go to Salesforce setup > Create > Objects > Candidate > Page layout or Salesforce setup > Customize > Contacts > Page layout.


2. Show options on form

Go to Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Forms, select the form where you want to show the opt-out or opt-in on. In the section E-mail settings, you can specify which option(s) you want to show.

3. Merge URL in email

To merge the URL in an email template go to Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Email templates. Select the right email and merge the field ‘Email opt out url’.

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