Show Activity Overview on Home Page (in Workflow Overview)


This article show how to correctly set up showing the Activity Overview on the Home Page.


The Activity Overview previously showed as a separate component on the Home Pagem but now is managed in the Connexys Settings as part of the Workflow Overview.



a] Turn ON in the Connexys Settings

  1. Go to: Connexys Setup > Application Settings > Activity Overview > ...
  2. Field: "Show activities on homepage", check: ON
  3. Click 'save'.

b] Turn OFF in the Sf-Home Page Layouts

  1. Go to: Sf-Setup > [search] Home Page Layouts > ...
  2. For all Layouts; click 'edit'.
  3. Field: "Activity overview", check: OFF
  4. Click 'next', and order the right column as wanted ['Dashboard' above 'Workflow Overview']
  5. Click 'save'.


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