Release Notes - Connexys v.6 [Spring '16]


The Connexys Resource Manager version 6 Spring '16 Release will be in May 2016 and contains new features and improvements on existing functionality.

This article is the general overview of the most important improvements for this release.

Where available, extended articles per item can be found via the mentioned link at the end of the paragraph.

Each 'Addition' is created to setup fully by a customer, unless mentioned otherwise. Where assistance needed on setup, please contact Connexys Support.

For a demonstration and explanation of several of the new functionalities, you can view our webinar later via a send link.

For the
users of the CV Generator, some actions may be needed. Read chapter '2.6 CV Generator Fieldsets' to follow the steps.




  1. Additions
    1.1 Questionnaires
    1.2 Availability
    1.3 Opt-In/Opt-out Options
    1.4 GermanPersonnel
    1.5 Proposal Portal
  2. Changes
    2.1 Talentpool
    2.2 Hiring Manager Portal; Proposed candidates
    2.3 Extra filter for 'Candidate' on Applicant Tracking (Workflow) page
    2.4 Mobile update form
    2.5 Job requirements
    2.6 Fieldset Changes
    2.7 Fill/Empty 'External Job Name
    2.8 Document Preview
    2.9 Workflow Steps - extra fieldsets from Candidate and Job Application
  3. Fixes



1. Additions

Additions are completely new functionality items we have made available. The items for this release are:


1.1 Questionnaires

Create a group of questions for candidates in your process. Questionnaires can be used for multiple purposes in the workflow. A questionnaire has the option to automatically reject candidates when the score doesn't meet the preset requirements. A reject email with a reason can be set for the next day to be send automatically. Making use of questionnaires gives you the opportunity to improve the quality of your candidates and the hiring process. Read more...

Edition key:
 Silver (and higher)


1.2 Candidate Availability

The availability is an easy check for known candidates. From within the application (for example from a talentpool) the recruiter can send a URL to candidates. Candidates can click on the URL and fill in their availability. Also they can apply with one click. Read more...

Edition key: Silver (and higher)


1.3 Opt-In/Opt-out Options

For each candidate or contact there will be opt-in or opt-out options for mailings on Job Openings and/or Newsletters. The candidate or contact will be able to specify whether or not they want to receive mailings on Job Openings and/or Newsletters. Opt-in or opt-out can be chosen by the candidate or contact on forms or via a unique URL which can be merged in all email communications. Read more...

Edition key: Silver (and higher)


1.4 GermanPersonnel

With this availability it is possible to post jobs via the German Personnel multi-poster to channels. This is especially set-up for Persy users. Read more...

Edition key: Silver (and higher)
Settings: partly Connexys-only
Pricing: For this item are costs involved; contact our Sales Department or your Connexys Account Manager.


1.5 Compare

A new button has been added to the Applicant Tracking page: Compare. With this button you can compare a maximum of three candidates based on their answers on questionnaires, job requirements and fields on the job application. From the Compare screen you can continue the process by making a group step or browse through their CV's.

The fields that are visible on the Compare screen can be changed via a fieldset (Salesforce setup - Build - Create - Objects - Job application - Field sets - Compare fieldset).

An application setting has also been added to give you the option to hide the Compare button. For this you go to Connexys Resource Manager Setup - Application settings - All settings - Workflow. There you see the option to hide the Compare button.


1.6 Proposal portal 

The Proposal Portal will be a completely new experience with its renewed user interface. This is for the page that is sent to customers and hiring managers when you propose a set of candidates. The new user interface is responsive and much more attractive. 

Edition key: Silver (and higher)

Note. This feature is a pilot at the moment, and will later be fully available.



2. Changes

All changes are improvements on existing functionality. The items for this release are:


2.1 Talentpool

In the overview, the number of people displayed at a talentpool is now 100. In addition, the default value of "View" is set to "My members". This is to ensure that you always immediately see your own members. [TRS-1420]


2.2 Hiring Manager Portal; Proposed candidates 

  • Behind the candidates appears (in parentheses) the number of candidates with the status 'Proposed'. [TRS-1086]
  • Each customer can set in the application setting: workflow statusses , and job statussess [TRS-1094] 


2.3 Extra filter for 'Candidate' on Applicant Tracking (Workflow) page

On the Applicant Tracking (Workflow) page, an extra filter-box is added for 'Candidate'. Now you can also search-filter for a specific candidate in the workflow. NB. This field is not a look-up or drop-down box, so you can type freely or partially, which creates better results. [TRS-1554]


2.4 Mobile update form

The vacancy name will also be shown on top of the mobile update form.


2.5 Job requirements

Different terms were used for the job requirements throughout the application, namely:

  • Pre-screening questions (Connexys Resource Manager Setup)
  • Selection criterium
  • Job criteria
  • Knockout questions (in the job wizard)
  • Job requirements

This made it very unclear. As of Release 6 we have made sure one term is used throughout the application, namely Job requirements. 


2.6 Fieldset Changes

With the new release, there are some changes made to the fieldsets. Read more...

Note. For the users of the CV Generator, some actions may be needed.


2.7 Fill/Empty 'External Job Name'

The External Job Name -when empty- will still be filled with the internal job name. But when a user clears this field through an update, this field remains empty.
One can choose - but we advise - to make the field required for the Job Wizard or the Edit Page. [TRS-1552]


2.8 Document preview

The available document formats for the Document Preview (on the Candidate or Job application) have been revisited, and added is an error message if the file extension is not suported. Read more...


2.9 Workflow Steps - extra fieldsets from Candidate and Job Application

For the Workflow steps, two extra fieldsets are made available to put fields on the lay-out from the Candidate and/or Job Application. This may be well interesting when proposing a candidate. Read more... [TRS-1500]



3. Fixes

Fixes are the corrections regarding bugs or functionality with unexpected behavior. In total 134 fixes have been handled for this release, of which most important fixes are for:

[TRS#] Description Fix Version
1086 Hiring Manager Portal proposed candidates; shows number with status 'porposed'. 6.1
1093 Hiring Manager Portal extra stylesheet; creates a custom made style and columns-set 6.0
1094 Hiring Manager Portal; choose which Job Applications (workflow) and Job statusses are shown. 6.1
1303 iCal Meeting; made available to set as public/private 6.0
1312 Link 'activity history' talentpool; made clickable 6.7
1312 Talentpool link 'activity history' made working 6.7
1372 Job Application (salesforce) step on Job; solves dead link 'URL does not exist' 6.0
1378 Workflow util application recordtype set; prevents Open Applications set as recordtype 'job application', and solves 'Owner van job application' as set on the form. 5.24.7, 6.0
1385 Footer in job alert template; shows more correctly 6.7
1424 Email special placeholders strings; solves merge-field errors 5.24.11, 6.0
1440 same applications on one day uses original application or else new application ; solves multiplpe applications issues 5.24.17, 6.1
1479 Set language check path on Update Form; 1) page lang. parameter, 2) candidate lang., 3) site lang. application setting, 4) lang. site user. 5.24.22, 6.5
1489 Generate CV page; made PDF preview correctly with rich text 5.24.19, 6.4
1508 Set id for cxsSearchApplyDone; solves error message update request page for candidate 5.24.16, 6.1
1523 Follow-up form to mobile application; show jopb title. 6.5
1525 Create step for new candidate; solved error when without existing application 6.7
1562 Generate CV page; option to use a previous generated CV 6.7
1563 Server attachment handling; solves error 'Single Email Limit Exceeded' [1.000/day] 5.24.22, 6.4
1570 Renamed all variations of "Job requirements" to this name.  6.10
1582 Appliacant Tracking page; 'Hide Browse Button' option 5.24.26, 6.7
1600 Apply button on mobile form; Auto-hide prevents possible multiple applications 6.8
1625 CXSJobsearch and CXSCandidatesearch; solved all buttons for IE11 5.24.28, 6.7
1665 e-Portfolio identification number set; solves portal logon issues 5.24.27, 6.7
1666 Help-Links on CXS-objects; prevents error on CXS Help landing page 6.8
1675 Generate CV page handles word-wrap; solves page error 5.24.28, 6.7


Note. Each customer that has reported a bug which resulted in a planned fix, will always receive a final update when the fix has been delivered and tested as 'good', including the patch or release planning.


4. Known issue

Downloading the Generated CV in the Document preview with our edit/download buttons is not possible. It is also not possible to hide the toolbar which contains those buttons. However, it is possible to download the Generated CV with the download button in the PDF viewer in your browser.



Until finalizing the release itself, this article is an indication to help anticipate better on our upcoming release, and are not yet the final release notes.

When a release will be towards finalization, we will announce this to all our customers via email.

When later upgrading a customer's org with the new release, we will inform that customer individually.

Connexys maintains the right to, without prior warning, adjust the material on this planning. Read our full Disclaimer here or download our General Conditions.

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