Customizing Reports


Report builder is a visual editor for reports. 

The report builder screen lets you work with report fields and filters, and shows you a preview of your report with just some of the data.

Watch a Demo: Watch Video Demo Getting Started with Report Builder

1. Fields Pane

The Fields pane displays fields from the selected report type, organized by folder. Find the fields you want using the Quick Find search box and field type filters, then drag them into the Preview pane to add them to the report. 

2. Filters Pane

Set the view, time frame, and custom filters to limit the data shown in the report.

3. Preview Pane

The dynamic preview makes it easy for you to customize your report. Add, reorder, and remove columns, summary fields, formulas, groupings, and blocks. Change the report format and display options, or add a chart. The preview shows only a limited number of records. Run the report to see all your results.

Source: Salesforce

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