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It is requisite to have a Salesforce site/domain available at the Org. to make this work properly. Look here for more information about how to use Generate CV.

Adding the Generated CV to the workflow
Adding the generated CV to the Job application Page
Styling the Generated CV
Adding new Generated CV to the settings

Adding the Generated CV to the workflow

When you want to add the generate CV functionally to a workflow step, this means that the user has to create the CV before they can continue to the actual step.

A. Go to Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Application settings > Workflow steps

B. Select the step which need to include the Generate CV functionality.

C. Make sure that the field “proposal requires Generated CV is checked.

Performing this step within the workflow will now start up the Generate CV functionality.


Adding the generated CV to the Job application Page

You can also add the generate CV functionality to the Job application layout as a button.

A. Go to Salesforce Setup > Create > Objects > Job application

B. Edit the page layout

C. Select the "Generate CV" in the "Buttons" section and drag it in the page lay out. It would look like this:

Pressing this button on the Jop Application layout and the Generate CV functionality will start.


Styling the Generated CV

You can add images and fields to the Generated CV.

Add fields to the Generated CV

There is a fieldset that holds the specification of the fields that are visible in the Generate CV functionality

These can be changed by going to:
A. Salesforce setup > Create > Objects > Candidate > Fieldset 

B. Edit the fieldset that have "CV Generator" in the naming.


C. Drag the desired fields to or remove field from the fieldset.

Add image (company logo) to header

A. Go to Contact Detail page of the Recruiter.
B. Click on Organisation Name [sometimes called Account Name]
C. Click on the button 'Upload Logo' on top of page [put on the lay-out if not there]
D. On the next page upload an image 

When the image is uploaded the logo will show on top of the Generated CV.

Note: The 'account name' of the job can differ from the 'account name' of the contact person of the recruiter. You need the latter. 

Show photo of recruiter

A. Go to Contact Detail page of the Recruiter.
B. Click on User Name
C. On the Next page update Photo, and Check: 'Public Access' [see image]


Other Fields

Go to Connexys Setup > Application Settings > All Settings > Generate CV in PDF format 
There you find the fields:

CV Generator layout
Here, you can determine which components appear on the CV Generator page. The name of the available components are:

  • Candidate
  • Introduction
  • JobApplication
  • WorkExperiences
  • Educations
  • Recruiter
  • JobCriteria
  • PersonalityMatch
  • HardCriteria

You can also specify a custom fieldset to be used instead of the standard fieldset for a specific component. The name of the fieldset needs to be listed inside square brackets. For example, Candidate[Apply_page]. This will result in the Apply_page fieldset being used and not the standard CV Generator fieldset.

CV generator templates

Education month format

Layout (HTML)
The application provides the possibility to generate PDF CVs from a Candidate file. These CVs all have a standard layout, but you might want to make them more personal. In order to do this, this setting provides the possibility to add text (e.g. contact details of your organisation), photo's, several fieldsets of the Candidate object, related lists or images (e.g. your company logo) to these CVs. This adjustment has to be made by typing HTML in this setting. Beside adding images or text, this setting is used to add merge fields to the PDF CV. In that way, it is possible to adjust the complete layout of the PDF CV.

This setting allows you to override the stylesheet of the PDF CV that can be generated in the candidate file. The stylesheet contains the look & feel of the form (font types, (background) colors, etc).

Preferred English locale

Work experience month format

Visualforce page

Putting a field on the fieldset does not make it appear in the preview, this needs to be done via a Visualforce page.

Go to Salesforce set up > Build > Develop > VisualForce pages and choose the page called "cxsCVExample"

You can use CSS here to style the page anyway you want, where this example can help you to get started. 

If you want to make sure to only show the sections with values in it, please use the code as below:

<cxsrec:hasMapEntry map="{!candidateFieldMap}" key="cxsrec__Nationality__c">


           <td class="spacer">›</td>


           <td><cxsrec:getMapValue map="{!candidateFieldMap}" key="cxsrec__Nationality__c"/></td>




Adding new generated CV to the settings

If the standard CV template does not fit your situation then you must create a new Visualforce Page, as the template can not be adjusted. You can use the template cxsCVExample as baseline for you new CV. 

When creating a new VisualForce page the following steps need to be done to get the template selectable and visible in the CV Generator screen

A. Go to Salesforce setup > Build > Develop > Site 

B. Click on the Site Label

C. Edit the "Site Visualforce Pages" to enable your new page.

D. Go to Connexys setup > Application settings and choose "Generate CV in PDF format" to add additional templates.



Note: This Visualforce page can be edited to style the Generated CV.


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