Form: Add a Field (or a Fieldset with Fields)


This article describes in four easy steps how to add a field to an Application form.

Add a Field
Add a new Fieldset
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Add a Field

1. Make sure the field exist, on the Candidate object or on the Job Application object

A. Go to the object via: Salesforce Setup > Create > objects > ...

B. Open the Candidate object or Job Application object

C. Find or add the field

2. On the form; find a used Fieldset

A. Go to the form via: Connexys Setup > Advanced Setup > Forms

B. Click on the Form

C. In the section 'Candidate fieldset (first section on form)', find and remember the basic Candidate Fieldset Name:

  • 'cxsrec__Apply_page'

Or in the other sections, find the extra Candidate Fieldsets usually Named as:

  • 'cxsrec__Apply_page_extra'
  • 'cxsrec__Apply_page_extra_2'
  • etc.

3. Add the Field to the found (used) Fieldset.

A. Go to the object via: Salesforce Setup > Create > objects > ... 

B. Add the field to the found fieldset (See here how to do this).

4. Add permission to site user

A. Go to: Salesforce setup > Build > Develop > Sites

B. Click on the word under 'Site Label', usually cxsrec (Do not click on the site URL, nor on 'edit'). 

C. Click the button 'Public Access Settings'

D. Scroll down to 'Field-Level Security' section, find 'Candidate' or 'Job Application' and click [view]. Or if you have another view, click on Object settings and open the correct object

E. Click 'edit', find the Field, and check the box in the column 'Edit Access'

Add a new Fieldset

To add a complete fieldset, follow the same steps as to 'Add a Field', but replace step 2. "On the form; find a used Fieldset" with the following step:

On the form; add a new Fieldset.

You can add an extra fieldset in the section 'Extra fieldset for fields of jobapplication/candidate object'

A. 'Extra fieldset 1 header label': Choose a wanted name

B. 'Extra fieldset': choose the object where the fieldset is located; on the Candidate or the Job Application

C. 'Extra fieldset 1 (or 2)': Create a new fieldset with name like 'cxsrec__Apply_page_1' (or 'cxsrec__Apply_page_2')


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