In Goede Banen - Setting up a new user


In Goede Banen is a multiposting partner.

To setup a new user to be able to post jobs via In Goede Banen the following two actions need to be done. 

Firstly, a new In Goede Banen account for the applicable user needs to be created. This can be done by going to:

Connexys Resource manager Setup > Advanced setup - 'InGoedeBanen Accounts'

See below how this should look like. 


Secondly, after the In Goede Banen account is created this account name needs to be filled in the following field on the User: 'In Goede Banen Account' 

The user can be found via: Setup > Manage Users > Users

Note that this field might not on the User page lay out when you create this all for the first time. 


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