Release Notes - Connexys v.5 [Winter '16]


The Connexys Resource Manager version 5 Winter '16 Release will start in 2016 and contains new features and improvements on existing functionality.

This article is an overview of the most important improvements. Extended articles for specific topics can be found at specific pages. Some of these will be added later. 


For a demonstration and explanation of several of the new functionalities, you can view this webinar (which is in English).

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  1. Additions
  2. Changes
  3. Fixes



1. Additions


1.1 Applicant Browser

Browse Job Applications in the Applicant Tracking overview and make (group) Steps . One of the foremost new features in this release provides browsing within the grand overview of filtered job applications in various workflows of the Applicant Tracking. This selection can range from a single job application to a complete group of various job applications. A new (group) step can be selected for the group, or for selected individuals within the group. This creates more speed, control and overview processing the job applications.


1.2 Job Search

Match Candidates and Jobs with the new Job Search. With a range or a set of criteria this functionality will help you to find and match the right candidate for the right job. Selected jobs can easily be shared with selected candidates. Also possible to create applications from this screen, or send job by email to contacts.



1.3 Textkernel Match! and Search! ,including Jobfeed and Internal Positions

a. Jobfeed search tabs. This wil search all jobs collected by Jobfeed, for the available countries: England, The Netherlands, Germany, and France. NB. The facets used in the application derive from the Textkernel tables (e.g. Job code, Job group, Job title, Education levels, Computer skills, Language skills),

b. Indexing jobs in the application, and Indexing jobs and candidates with special attributes. With this Match-functionality you can search from Textkernel Candidate Search in your own jobs database and Jobfeed. And from Textkernel Job Search you can search in your own candidate database and other search tabs. A query is constructed combining CXS-data (e.g. Location, Hard criteria) plus Jobfeed-data (e.g. Function title, Skills, etc.).


  • To extend the CO-Recruiter application with this feature, please contact Connexys Support.
  • This Match functionality is developed by Connexys. Textkernel has developed its own Match!. Users who will run this functionality can read here more.

For applicability and all options of Textkernel Search, see the original extended user guide





1.4 CV Generator

Generate CV’s from the Candidate details. This functionality of re-/creating a CV for a candidate in a way that fits best to propose to a hiring manager. With the available candidate details within the application, plus the ability to add, edit and move information, it easily generates a fitting CV for the candidate to be proposed. This functionality supporting supply and succes ratio is build especially for recruitment agencies to be more representative and selective regarding the shared information for each proposal. [read more]


1.5 Job Application Rating

Rate job applications including a memo. With job applications rating including a memo, it is easy to keep track of candidates which are already viewed. The rating can be edited live, and supports recruiters in the process, for example to distinct individual applications within groups or share and discuss applications with others.



1.6 Flipbase Video Option

Apply with video where and when you want, obligatory or optional. As soon as a video is recorded and saved it will automatically be attached to the candidate profile in your recruitment environment. Flipbase is specially developed to integrate into your current recruitment environment. In your recruitment environment you can enrich profiles with video, making sure you always have a first impression of talents available, or for example to a manager. For more information regarding Flipbase see



1.7 Responsive Forms 

With new styling, the apply form will adjust to the device. No matter what size your device, the form will adjust the height and width to the screen, but will remain content fitting the size of your device. This increases readability and ease of use. Note: to implement this, contact Customer Support for consultancy hours.



1.8 E-mail Preview

Merge fields of the e-mail templates are filled. Before sending an email at a selected step, the generated merge fields will be filled with the corresponding text. This makes it easy to re-read, review and edit your emails to all contacts before sending from the application. [read more]



1.9 FAD Check [Dutch organisations only]

Possibility on the Candidate to "Check at FAD" with a button click, and results show whether a candidate is or is not in the register. The Fraude Aanpak Detailhandel (FAD) generally supports activities aimed at enhancing the integrity of the retail industry. More specifically, the foundation is the independent regulator and manager of the Warning Register. Using the Alert Registry employers can verify the integrity of applicants and prevent fraudsters (again) doing damage. For Setup and FAD credentials, see Connexys Application All Settings. For more information regarding FAD, visit:



1.10 IP-Filtering

Set IP range whitelist on a media channel. With the IP range whitelist set, only those within the range are able to open the job and , within a secure VPN or tunnel. This field allows you to specify a whitelist for this Mediachannel. Enter a range of IP-addresses and the range is checked on the cxsSearch and cxsSearchDetail pages. [read more]



1.11 Open Applications Location

Automatically finding the location for open applications. This new functionality helps to find the right recruiter for the application. For example to automatically select the recruiter nearest of the job application specially set for jobs that spread in a wide area, the recruiter is automatically selected based upon location of the job application.




1.12 Slovak.

We now fully support Slovak as common language in our language pack. Next to Dutch, English, German, and French. Find the language application settings in the Translation Workbench.




1.13 Hard Criteria Mandatory on Application Form 

It is now possible to make hard criteria mandatory on the application form. Now you will not have to miss the criteria you want to be filled to select your candidates in your database easier and better later on. [read more]



2. Changes


2.1 Matching Replaced with Candidate/Job Searches

The Matching screen for Jobs to Candidates has been removed. This replaced by the more improved functionalities regarding matching; see the Textkernel Job/Candidate Search, as well as the new Job/Candidate Search.


2.2 Error Message Handling

New error-messages prevent and replace an incorrect 'Down For Maintenance'. The page 'Down For Maintenance' occured unwanted, when on a form the filled date format did not correspond with the requested format for the form-language, but Connexys was not down for maintenance. This issue has been divided into two messages:

  1. Error message on the form.  The date field check the correct date format, regarding dd-mm vs. mm/dd for the corresponding language (see Fixes #1144). The wrong format gives the user a direct error on the field.
  2. General error message. The new message reads: "An unexpected error has occurred. Sorry for the inconvenience, but an unexpected error has occurred. Please try again at a later moment. Please email us [goes to customer administrator] if you need to get in touch"


2.3 Home Page - Workflow Overview

The Workflow Overview on the Home Page is set to view each Workflow record type among each other. In stead previously selecting each Workflow via a drop down menu, you have a clear overview on all workflows all the time.


2.4 iCal Items - Public or Private

iCal items can now be set as as public or private. This will be a setting for all iCal items through the application. [read more]


3. Fixes

In total 192 fixes of various size and impact have been handled for this release, of which most important fixes are:

  • Hiring Manager Portal, selected: 
    • 0817 - Sorting applications list by workflow for better overview.
    • 0817 - Propose date in red after set days, to alert the manager.
    • 1076 - Document preview within HM portal.
    • 1176 - Show field set of permanent job type.
    • 1203 - Show Company Information correctly.
    • 1207 - Push edited start- and end date from HM Portal.
  • Anonymising Script, selected:
    • 1180 - New-procedure-check on candidate 'waiting list'.
    • 1286 - Process in batches, including set-up in application setting.
  • Forms, selected:
    • 1144 - Date format check on [mm/dd/yyyy] vs. [dd-mm-yyyy] for corresponding language.


Each customer that has reported a bug which resulted in a planned fix, will always receive a final update when that fix has been tested as 'good', including when this will be patched or released.

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