Hiring Manager Portal: Show statuses Job and Workflow


With this instructions, application settings can be changed for the Hiring Manager Portal.

Job and Workflow Statuses in Hiring Manager Portal

A. Set which Workflow statuses (steps) are displayed in the portal

  • Go to: Connexys Setup > Workflows > ...
  • Open a Workflow
  • Open a Status
  • Field: "Show to Hiring Manager"

If the checkbox is checked, the Candidates with this status are visible in the Hiring Manager portal. Obviously, the Hiring Manager only has insight into his own Candidates.
If no statuses where the checkbox is checked, all statuses are automatically seen.

B. Set which Job statuses are shown in the Manager Portal

  • Go to the Connexys Setup > Application settings > All settings > Hiring manager portal
  • Search for the field: "Job statuses to display"

This page also contains the settings of the homepage of the Manager portal, for example which fieldsets are used for the Job wizard.

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