Salesforce Winter ’16 Release


Salesforce will start releasing the Winter '16 release on October the 10th and will finish this on October the 17th. This will be done over the period of three days, depending on the instance your organisation operates on. The instances will not be available during this maintenance window.

The release schedule is as follows:


Date October 10 October 16 October 17
Time 01:00 - 01:05 UTC 21:00 - 21:05 UTC 23:00 - 23:05 UTC
Instance EU5 EU0 EU1, EU2, EU3, EU4

To check on which instance your organisation operates, please visit this page, click on the question mark and enter the name of your domain.

The release notes containing the new features and enhancements to existing features can be found here. One of the new features is the new user interface Lightning, which we will not release anytime soon. We will notify you before this new interface will be released by us.


In addition to the Salesforce release, we will roll out a patch this week to anticipate changes in Salesforce. This patch will not change any functionalities or the way our app works, but will slightly change the look and feel of certain aspects. The patch will be released on production environments and full-copy sandboxes.

Which aspects will get another look and feel:

  • The support box
  • Components on the homepage
  • Some of the screens in edit-mode

The support box will not only have a different look and feel, but the Application setup link will no longer be available in the support box. Below are screenshots of the old (Connexys Support) and new situation (Connexys)


The Application setup can be found under the + and the page is called Connexys Resource Manager Setup. This page can be added to the top pages by customizing your tabs.

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  • Avatar
    Marcel Galema

    How do I find out on what instance we are running (to detect the maintenance window)?

  • Avatar
    Natalie van der Loos

    Hi Marcel, To check on which instance your organisation operates, please visit the following page, click on the question mark and enter the name of your domain: It is also possible to see the instance in the URL when you go to Application setup or Connexys Resource Manager Setup (this doesn't work for every user).

  • Avatar
    Marcel Galema

    Indeed, the Application setup URL gives it away --> EU5

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