Contact Person Web Service


In addition to retrieving Vacancies via the web service, it is also possible to retrieve Contact persons. To ensure that the desired contacts are actually sent, the 'Include in webservice' field must be checked on the Contact person record.

In case the customer wants to send all the recruiters, then a workflow rule can be created that automatically checks the checkbox 'Include in webservice' when the checkbox Recruiter gets checked.

The use of the getContacts web service ensures that more information can be sent to the website. The getPositions web service only transmits the basic information of the recruiter, such as name, e-mail address, gender, and telephone number. The getContacts web service makes it possible to send more information, such as the photograph of the recruiter which can be displayed on the website.

Attached is the WSDL file that should be imported, for example in SoapUI. This article explains how a web administrator can set up the web service.

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