This article describes the Use of Talentpools. Talentpools are used to collect and categorize Candidates and/or Contacts


Note: that the specific information can be configured different in your Organization.

Go to the Talentpool page via the tab Talentpools. You could use Talentpools to line up candidates for key positions in your organization.

It is important to define upfront how you would like to categorize your Talentpools. We advise you to align with your colleagues so that you will use Talentpools in the same way.


Add new Talentpools

The section "New Talentpools" allows you to add new Talentpools to the list. 


Filter the list of Talentpools

This section allows you to filter the list of Talentpools e.g. on name or on Category (as in the example below).

Zooming in at a specific pool 

You can zoom in at a specific pool to view the complete list of people in the Talentpool added to the pool. Also this Talentpool detail page allows you to do several actions, e.g. your are able to send emails and share Jobs to them.

Talentpool Activities

You might want to keep in touch with your People in the Pool. Therefore you can schedule a Task to contact your candidate, also on a recurring basis.

Note: that activities need to be created by your Admin. If not available you can contact your Admin. 


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