How to clone a Permission Set


Cloning a Permission Set might be necessary to alter access to fields (if such a set has been assigned to the users of your org). For example, if you would like to make a field read-only, but the Permission Set allows users to read and edit, the rights given by the Permission Set will prevail. A managed Permission Set cannot be altered (notice the name of Connexys in the Permission Set name), cloning is therefore necessary. This quick guide will explain how to clone a Permission Set.

Please note that only System Administrators are able to clone Permission Sets. Also, depending on your setup, some fields or field definitions may differ.


Step 1: Go to Setup on the top right side of your screen; open the Manage Users menu (which can be found under the header Administer) and click on Permission Sets. Select the Permission Set you would like to clone and click on Clone.  



Step 2: Give the clone a new name, for example Connexys - Field level access clone. Make sure that the API Name is also changed and is unique; then click Save. You have now cloned a Permission Set, so you can make changes to the Permission Set.


Step 3: To edit access to fields, click on the name of the Permission Set


Step 4: Go to Object Settings and click on the object the field you would like to change the access of, is related to.


Step 5: Click on Edit and scroll down to the field you would like to change the access of. For this example, we uncheck the box in the edit column for the field Rejection date (the left column is read and the right column is edit). Then click Save



Unchecking the box in the edit column has made sure that we can give the user read-only access for this field, as explained in this article.


Step 6: To assign the cloned Permission Set to a user, look up the specific user by going to Setup - Administer - Manage Users - Users and click on the name of the user


Step 7: Scroll down to Permission Set Assignments, and click on Edit Assignments


Step 8: Remove the current set in Enabled Permission Sets and add the cloned set; then click Save. The user has now been given another Permission Set.



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