How do I create or edit Field Sets?


As an administrator, you can create or edit field sets for your organization. Salesforce has a drag-and-drop tool for creating and editing field sets. 

To create a new field set

  1. Navigate to the field set list of the appropriate object:
    • For standard objects, from Setup, click Customize, select the appropriate object from the Customize menu, and click Field Sets.
    • For custom objects, from Setup, click Create | Objects, and select one of the custom objects in the list. Then click New above the field sets related list.
  2. Enter a Field Set Label. This is the name presented to subscribers who install the field through a managed package.
    • [!] Note: It is important that you recognizably prefix each new Field Set Name. For example with "sys_" as in sys_[FIELD_SET_NAME], so to make it unique from any same packaged cxsrec__[FIELD_SET_NAME])
  3. Enter a name for your field set. This is used by your page to reference the field set.
  4. In the Where is this used? area, provide a brief description of which pages use the field set, and for what purpose. This information helps a subscriber understand where and how an installed field set is being used, so that they can populate it with their own fields.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To add fields to the field set, drag the fields from the object palette and drop them into the Field Set container. If you would like to delete fields or sections, them simple drag and drop them back into the object palette.
In the field set, you can span to fields that reference multiple objects. When you span a field into a field set that references multiple objects, the only field you can span to is the Name object.
The vertical order of the In the Field Set list indicates the order of how the fields render on pages.
    7. To remove a field from the field set, drag the element back to the object palette, or click the Remove icon icon next to the element.
    8. To make a field required, double click the element or click the wrench icon
        (Wrench icon) next to it and select the Required checkbox.
Missing Value in Field icon―Indicates the field is required and must have a value to save the record.
     9. Click Save.

Edit a field set
See the attached movie on how to edit a existing Field set. (Movie can be open in Internet Explorer.) 
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