How do I schedule reports and/or refresh my Dashboard automaticly?


Reports can be send to you by email or scheduled to be refreshed if they are used in your Dashboard. 

Watch a demo: Watch Video Demo Report Notifications

How to schedule your report?

1. Click on the report in your Dashboard or open the Tab Reports and look up your report.

2. If you opened your report, see the button 'Run Report'. Click on the arrow on the right and choose 'Schedule Future Runs'. 


3. In the Schedule Report you will be able to customize the schedule details.

The following should be taken into account: 

- If you do not want to send out emails and only a scheduled refresh on a Dashboard report; make sure 'Send Email To' is not filled in. And after that choose  '

- If you do not want to give an End date, then enter 4000 as a year. Salesforce cannot take End dates after the year 4000. This helps making your report query consistent with the other reports. 

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