Update: Textkernel malfunction June 22 2015 fixed


Monday 22-06-2015 


14:15 PM Update

The issues with Textkernel Search are over. We have managed te solve the problem. 

If you still experience any problems with the application please call our Customer Support.

We thank you for your patience.


11: 30 AM

We are currently investigating issues relating the performance of Textkernel Search! in the application. 

At this moment it's not possible to use Textkernel Search and also matching that goes with it.

As a workarround you can use the seach option in the top of your screen. With this search option you can search on specific words in your database.

We do our best to fix the issues as soon as possible.

We appology for the inconvenience. We expect to have a final fix arround 13PM today


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