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We are happy to announce that, as an administrator of a Salesforce org receiving Product & Service Notifications, you will be able to manage your preferences for these notifications from Salesforce.

How can I manage my preferences for notifications?
To manage the types of notifications you’d like to receive, please log into the Help & Training portal and navigate to Notification Preferences under My Settings. Click the corresponding check box to select which notifications you’d like to receive.

What are Product & Service Notifications?
Product & Service Notifications are emails sent to administrators of a Salesforce org to alert them of any changes to our features, functionality, or service that may impact their use of Salesforce. These notifications may include actions administrators must take in order to prepare for these changes.

What types of notifications do you send?
Product & Service Notifications include:

Product Behavior Changes
Service Maintenance
Feature Retirements
End-of-Support & End-of-Pilot
Major Release Reminders
Off-Cycle Release Notifications (outside of the 24-hr standard release window)
Security Notifications

What types of security notifications do you send?

Security Advisory - A broadly distributed notification about a security issue relevant to all Salesforce customers.
Security Alert - A customer-specific notification about possible suspicious activity involving your Salesforce instance that requires further investigation by your organization.
Security Incident - A customer-specific notification about a confirmed or reasonably suspected breach of data hosted on Salesforce.

Where can I go for more information?
For more information on the type of information included in these notifications, please see the What are Product and Service Notifications? Knowledge article. If you have more questions about how to manage your Notification Preferences in Help & Training, please see the How to Manage your Notification Preferences in Help & Training Knowledge article or open a case via the Help & Training portal.

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