Release Notes - Connexys v.4 [Spring '15]


The Spring '15 release (package version 4.x) will be released in the first week of June 2015 and contains new features and improvements on existing functionality.

All customers that have a full copy sandbox will receive the release in the week of May 18th. 

The Netive customers will get the release on their sandbox and production environment as communicated by Netive.

1. Additions

Several new functions are available in the new release. The most important aspects are mentioned below.

1.1 Talentpools

We have added new functionality called Talentpools. It enables you to add candidates to a talentpool and have a set of activities tied to the talentpool. An activity could be:

  • Monthly call to stay in contact
  • Sending a birthday card on the candidate's birhday
  • etc.

Within the talentpool you are able to:

  • Send an email to (all) talentpool candidates
  • Send a job to (all) talentpool candidates by email
  • Create job applications


1.2 Activity screen

The activity screen gives you a great overview if you have a lot of tasks and events you need to handle on a daily basis. It enables you to create tasks and events and handle tasks in the quickest possible way, giving you all necessary information in one screen and allowing for quick creation of new tasks and events.

1.3 Tour mechanism for Activity and Talentpools

For the new screens (Talentpools and Activities) we have created a Tour mechanism. We have been pushing for this as we think it will help you understand the essentials of what can or should be done on a screen. We hope you can appreciate it and with your feedback we will create more Tour-screens.


1.4 Candidate can be a Contact

We have made it possible to handle candidates as Salesforce Contacts. This requires a synchronization that Connexys can set-up for you. Using the Salesforce contact object allows you to use all Appexchange and standard Salesforce applications that are based on this standard object. E-mail integration with Linkpoint360 for instance will no longer requires customization. 

1.5 New Multiposter "In Goede Banen"

We integrated another multiposter called "In Goede Banen" (IGB). This is now the third multiposter we support. Previously we integrated with Mimir and Broadbean.

IGB is a Dutch multiposter that focusses on the Dutch and Belgium jobboard market. It supports over 300 jobboards, social media channels and search engines.

If you would like to use IGB as your multiposter, please contact us. We fully support this multiposter.


2 Improvements

Various improvements have been made in the recruitment module. The most important changes are mentioned below.

2.1 Mobile form for jobalert

The jobalert form has now been 'mobilized' as well. Previously we enabled the mobile application forms. We have now enabled the job-alert form as well for mobile users.

2.2 Anonimizing script bulkified

The script that we have to anonymize candidates is now able to handle high volumes of candidates that need to be anonymized.

2.3 Vacancy wizard

We added the possibility to skip the first step in the vacancy wizard. We also made the vacancy wizard available in edit mode.

2.4 Textkernel search

We added the possibility to rename Textkernel Search facets. You can now give the facets your own recognizable name.

2.5 Textkernel CV parsing

Some CV's are very complex. A CV can have a PDF format and actually be a picture of a CV. The Textkernel CV parsers is able to parse these types of CV, but t can take a little longer. To accomodate for this we increased the time that is allowed for this.

2.6 Styling options for Manager Portal

The manager portal can now be styled in the application setup. The manager portal is available for customers that have the Platinum Edition. The manager portal is a mobile optimized solution that reduces the workload for managers and increases the insght for a manager on open vacancies and applicants. 

2.7 Candidate search & match

Currently there are two ways to find candidates for a specific job.
- Textkernel Search
- Connexys Match
We have created a new version of the Connexys Match functionality. This new version has a lot of advantages over the old version
- Location search
- Talentpool search
- User can customize the result columns
- Boolean search options
The old Connexys Match functionality will be replaced by the new version. The old version will continue to work until the next release. 

2.8 Lots more

Besides the above mentioned this release contains numerous bugfixes & minor improvements.

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