Form parameters


Forms can be configured in the application. Please follow these guidelines: Forms.

Once you have created forms, you can make use of a number of parameters that will pre-fill the application form. This can come in handy in case you store userdata in a separate system.

  • 'firstname'
  • 'lastname'
  • 'lastnameprefix'
  • 'dateofbirth'
  • 'zipcode'
  • 'city'
  • 'country'
  • 'phone_private'
  • 'phone_mobile'
  • 'phone_work'
  • 'phone_private'
  • 'phone_mobile'
  • 'email'

Parameters must be added to the URL using the &-character. The first parameter must be added using the ?-character.

An URL with added parameters looks like this:


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