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The Visual Force Page Document Preview is mostly used on the Candidate and Job Application Layout. The Document Preview function convert different kind of files to a PDF file.



To show documents in the document preview, we use software to convert this documents to PDF. This software runs on multiple servers to the distribute the load if several CV’s are uploaded at the same time.

The file extensions that the Document Preview will handle are:

·        .rtf, .txt, and .csv
·        OpenDocument formats (.odt, .ott, .oth, and .odm)

· (.sxw, .stw, and .sxg)
·        Microsoft Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP (.doc and .dot)
·        Microsoft Word 2003 XML (.xml)
·        Microsoft Word 2007 XML (.docx, .docm, .dotx and .dotm)
·        Microsoft WinWord 5 (.doc)
·        WordPerfect Document (.wpd)
·        WPS 2000/Office 1.0 (.wps)
·        StarWriter formats (.sdw, .sgl, .vor)
·        DocBook (.xml)
·        Unified Office Format text (.uot, .uof)
·        Ichitaro 8/9/10/11 (.jtd, .jtt)
·        Hangul WP 97 (.hwp)
·        T602 Document (.602, .txt)
·        AportisDoc (Palm) (.pdb)

·        Html pages (.htm or .html)


·        Images (.jpg", .jpeg, .png", and .gif) 


The performance of the Document Preview, either the quality of the converted Document and/or loading time, depends on the Document. For example the performance reduce if a Document contains several tables, characters, tabs, has a large image(s) or other hidden formatting. But also will it take more time if it is a noticeable larger file or it's a different type than PDF. If the convert failed it’s useful to download the Document first, save it as PDF and replace the Document in the application.

On default there is place for 4 kinds of documents: CV, Letter, Extra Document 1 and Extra Document 2. In the Salesforce setup it is possible to add the fields Last Generated CV (named "CV generator template" in the fieldset) and Last Flipbase Video to the fieldset of the Document preview. In the Document preview there is the option to edit (replace or delete) or to download these Documents.

Adding/configuration of more document types

If more documents then the default are required. More documents can be added by creating a Text field (255) for the URL. Create this Text field on the Candidate and the Job Application Object with the exact same API name.

This URL can be added to some fieldsets:
- The candidate extra fieldset which is used in forms, to have this document type show up in forms.
- The "Preview Candidate Overview" on Candidate object, to add it to the Candidate Document Preview
- The "Preview Application Overview" on Job application object, to add it to the job application detail page and other places where the documents of an application are show (e.g. in the workflow page).


Error Message

Here you can read what the case is by certain messages.



"This file format is not supported by the preview functionality"

In other cases an error message will be displayed, so that it becomes clear that the file format is not supported if that is the case.

common.apex.runtime.impl.ExecutionException: Apex heap size too large’’

This means that the .html file was too large and cannot be converted and shown in the Document preview.

‘’Do you want to open or save converteld.pdf (XX KB) from …’’

Some browsers won’t open the document in the preview. Download for this the plug-in to view PDFs.


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