Setup 'In Goede Banen' Multiposting


To setup 'In Goede Banen' multiposting the following steps must be taken.

  1. In the application setup 'Publish on job board' the following application settings must be set:
    • In Goede Banen contact person (Basic settings) 
    • In Goede Banen endpoint (All settings):
    • In Goede Banen Client-Id (All settings): To be obtained from In Goede Banen
    • In Goede Banen Custom fieldset (All settings): fieldset Api-name for custom field mappings
    • Open In Goede Banen after publish (All settings): Connects to an In Goede Banen distribution page with SSO after publishing when checked.
  2. In the application setup the In Goede Banen Account information must be set. Within the org one or more In Goede Banen accounts must be created. This can be done at the Advanced settings item "In Goede Banen Accounts". Account can be define at org, department or userlevel, depening on your organisation needs and the account information obtained from In Goede Banen. In Goede Banen invoices the costs of the job postings per In Goede Banen Account. Of all accounts one can be checked as default. In your user information you can specify the name of the In Goede Banen Account that you want to use.  If not specified the default Account will be used.
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