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This article describes the Use of the Connexys Candidates Search. The Connexys Candidates Search page allows you to search for Candidates. Below a list of how the various types and Boolean search works. Plus an explanation how the Search works when looking for Candidates from a certain Job via the button 'Connexys Candidate Search'.

Available types of searches
Boolean search 
Search from a certain job


Available types of searches

In the Connexys Candidates Search you can filer your search criteria on various types. By default, it search for all text fields on the Candidate object. As you can see  in the image, on the right side, you can also show your favorites and change the columns of the found Candidates.

 Type of search Functionality
 Free text search The top field is meant to search in all candidate fields. All fields of type "text", "text area", "email", "phone", "rich text area" are searched. Also all words of the candidate's CV are searched. 

 Location search

Search for candidates within a certain radius of a specific location. 
 Work experience

This allows you to search for candidates with certain work experience. 

- Last job title --> All candidates that have certain words in their last job title
- All job title --> All candidates that have certain words in their job titles
- Last employer name --> All candidates that have certain words in their last employer name
- All employer names --> All candidates that have certain words in their employer names

If you have paid for Textkernel CV parsing, the job titles and employer names are automatically derived from the candidate's CV. 
If you haven't paid for Textkernel CV parsing, you need to manually fill the relevant fields. 

 Hard criteria search

Filter the resultset based on the hard criteria that are specified for the candidates

 Talentpool search

Filter the result based on created Talentpools and/or Talentpool Members, view all of your own

 Candidate field search

Search for candidates with a specific age or salary indication

You can also look for Job application (read "Search form a certain job") and created Topics.

Boolean search

Both "free text search" and "work experience search" support boolean operators. Please read the Salesforce Understanding Expression Operators to know which operators are supported. 

Search from a certain job 

Available since release v.7

When on a certain Job, clicking the button 'Connexys Candidate Search', the Connexys Candidate Search page opens. See that the facet 'Filter by job applications' is filled with that certain Job as 'not applied for'.

By this, you are always sure you are searching within set of candidates of which none have applied for the job you are looking candidates for.


Example Path:

  1. Open a job, with a certain Job
  2. Click button 'Connexys Candidate Search' [make sure the button is on the lay-out]
  3. The Connexys Candidate Search page opens..
  4. with the facet 'filter by job applications' filled with the certain Job as 'not applied for'.

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