Release Notes - Connexys v.3 [Winter '15]


The Winter '15 release will be released in October 2014 and contains new features and improvements on existing functionality.

1. Additions

Several new functions are available in the new release. The most important aspects are mentioned below.

1.1 Manager portal

A manager portal has been developed that enables the hiring manager to execute the most common actions in a user-friendly interface. The manager portal enables the hiring manager to independently create jobs, look up candidates, answer candidate proposals and directly enter the results of an interview. Within the workflow it is possible to configure which steps the manager is empowered to take. Please note: The manager portal is only available in selected Resource Manager editions. You can get more information about the possibilities and conditions by contacting your account manager.

1.2 Forms

When a candidate opens a form located on the Corporate Career site, particular name and address fields can be imported into the form using data from the site. This can be relevant when the Corporate Career site uses candidate accounts that contains this information.

1.3 CV Dropzone on the job detail page

On the Job detail page, in the upper-left area of the screen, a CV dropzone was added. When the user drags and drops a CV document in the dropzone, a new candidate will automatically be created as well as a new job application for the position. This function makes use of TextKernel Extract. A quick and convenient method to connect a new candidate to a job.


1.4 Mobile applications

Within the form settings, it is now possible to configure a mobile version of the application form. This new function makes enables for candidates to apply for jobs using their smartphone or tablet. The system recognizes when the site visitor is using a mobile device of any kind and will then proceed to show the mobile form instead of the default form. The mobile form contains other (or less) fields and uploading a CV is not compulsory. If desired, it is possible to send an alternate email-confirmation to the mobile applicants. This alternate email-confirmation contains a link that enables the candidate to complete his/her application (i.e. enter more information or add the CV) at a later moment using a laptop or desktop PC. Also, an alternate workflowstatus can be assigned to mobile applicants. This makes it possible for the recruiter to take the mobile applicants through a somewhat different workflow process.

1.5 Textkernel Search

Extra external databases were added that can be used for search purposes. Following databases are now implemented: Viadeo, Xing, Github and Stackoverflow. Additionally, for our own database, the processes for creating job applications and sending jobs to potential candidates have improved. After creating a job application in TextKernel search, the user will now return to the TextKernel search page. Furthermore, it is now possible to map custom fields located on the candidate detail page to searchfields in TextKernel Search.

Finally there is a change in the way users can set the priority for a search criterium. In the old situation the priority (must have / nice to have) could only be set at the Facet level (e.g. Last Job title) Now the priority can be set at the Search item level (e.g. Manager). 

1.6 Extra phone fields for Salesforce1

In the new release, two extra phone fields are added to the candidate object. These phone fields make it possible in Salesforce1 (the mobile app for Salesforce apps) to directly call the phone number by clicking it. If a candidate makes use of TextKernel CV parsing when filling in the application form, these fields will be filled automatically. Please note: These fields are not active by default. If desired, we can convert your existing phone fields to the new Salesforce1 compatible phone fields. Additional charges may apply. Contact your account manager for more information.



1.7 Plan date for workflowstep emails

For workflowstep emails it is now possible to specify a send date and time. This way, a workflowstep email isn't necessarily sent instantly anymore. Instead, the user can decide. This function is not active by default. Feel free to contact us for more information.

2 Improvements

Various improvements have been made in the recruitment module. The most important changes are mentioned below.

2.1 Job wizard

It is now possible to configure the Job wizard to show/hide certain sections, based on the job's recordtype. Additionally, it is possible to add the use of Hard criteria in the job wizard. This addition, if desired, can make adding hard criteria to a job compulsory.

2.2 Forms

The privacy statement section located on the form is more flexible. It is now possible to configure for each individual form whether the privacy statement should be visible. In addition to this it is possible to configure what is stated in the privacy statement.

2.3 Media channel styling

It is now possible to configure a different lay-out (i.e. colors, fonts) for every individual media channel. This improvement allows forms to have different styling for different media channels.

2.4 Job alert

At the job alert registration page it is now possible to implement a Google Analytics tracking code on the 'thank you'-page. The same improvement goes for the job alert activation page. Furthermore, the job alert can now be configured to run every hour in addition to the weekly option.

2.5 Preview documents

The application documents (CV, motivation letter, extra document 1 and 2) are now all shown as PDF files so that the consistency of the projection of the original document is as accurate as possible without having to download the original.

2.6 Workflow

In the applicant tracking tab, the column 'match%' has been renamed to 'quality', the column 'progress' now has a title and a new column is available where the price is given a score.

2.7 Performance

Performance improvements have been implemented in the applicant tracking tab, the job dossier and the job wizard.

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