End of Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8

Salesforce has announced the end of support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8. As a result Connexys will no longer support these browsers either.
See the message below how it was announced bij Salesforce.
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At salesforce.com, customer success is our top priority and we strive to provide open communication on changes that may impact our customers. With that in mind, we want to remind you that with the rollout of our Summer ’15 release, we will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (IE7) or 8.0 (IE8).

What is changing?

Microsoft has announced that they will end support for IE7 and IE8 in January 2015. Salesforce.com will also stop supporting these older browsers with our Summer ‘15 release, targeted for June 2015.

In addition, beginning with the Summer ‘15 release, some features/functionality may no longer work in IE7 and IE8 browsers. Bugs or performance issues that appear only when using IE7 and IE8 will not be investigated or fixed by salesforce.com after this release.

Why are we ending support for IE7 and IE8?
As we evaluate which browsers to support, we consider which ones will give our users the best experience and enable us to focus on areas that will add the most value for customers. There are four key reasons that drove this decision:

  1. IE7 and IE8 are less secure. Trust and security are incredibly important to us at salesforce.com. There have been multiple security vulnerabilities discovered in these older browsers over the years, so we are upholding our commitment to Trust by ending support for these less secure browsers.
  2. IE7 and IE8 are not HTML5 compatible. IE7 was first released in 2006, and IE8 was released in 2009. These browsers do not support the rich internet apps our customers have come to expect, namely HTML5. HTML5 is the new industry standard, supports mobile devices, doesn’t rely on plugins, and provides a faster customer experience. This is the technology we are investing in for developing future Salesforce features.
  3. Microsoft will stop supporting IE7 and IE8 in January 2015. For more information on Microsoft’s plans, please see their website:http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/endofsupport.aspx.
  4. Our customers are moving to newer browsers. Less than 5% of our customers are using IE7, and less than 20% are using IE8. Our customers are trending towards newer browsers, and we want to develop features that best serve our customer community.

What action do I need to take?
We are giving you at least a year in advance notice to ensure you have as much time as possible to plan for alternative strategies. We strongly recommend that you and your company’s IT administrators upgrade to one of our supported browsers prior to the Summer ‘15 release, targeted for May 2015.

Currently Supported Browsers (as of ’Winter ‘14):

  1. Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9 & 10
  2. Mozilla® Firefox®, most recent stable version
  3. Google Chrome™, most recent stable version
  4. Apple® Safari® versions 5.x and 6.x on Mac OS X

Please see our browser support policy for the latest recommendations and requirements. In the coming months, we will be updating our new browser support policy. The goal of this policy is to provide a more consistent and predictable timeline for browser support.

How can I determine which of my users are still on IE7 and IE8?
As a system administrator, you can run a login history report to gather details on the recent browser usage of your users, including IE7 and IE8 users. After logging in, click Setup | Manage Users | Login History to run a usage report for your organization for the past six months.

What will happen if I take no action?
It is important for you to know that while users may still be able to access the service from IE7 and IE8 after the Summer ‘15 release, new and/or existing features and functionality may no longer work in these browsers. In addition, bugs or performance issues that appear only when using IE7 and IE8 will not be investigated or fixed by salesforce.com after this release.

How can I get more information?
Salesforce.com Support is always available to answer any questions you may have about this change. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you during this transition to support your success.

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