Send candidate update request


CO-Recruiter offers the ability to request a candidate to update the data you need about the candidate. For this purpose we created the ability 'Send candidate update request'. This is a button in the Candidate detail page.

 Pressing the button will lead you to a screen that looks like this:

The Candidate section contains the name and e-mail address of the candidate.

The Email text section contains a text that is populated by an e-mail template. It contains a link to an update form as a merge-item.

Since the update form will be pre-populated with the data that is already known we offer the ability to make the link in the e-mail only accessible for a limited number of days, thus minimizing the privacy leads.

Since you can configure multiple forms in our CO-Recruiter app we also give you the option to select the Media channel. This way you can send a different update form for internal candidates (employees) and for external candidates.

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