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This article describes a few steps you might want to take to receive full advantage of our app. Because we setup the trial environment (which has its limitations) it is very usefull to make some changes. Please follow the below instructions.

Your first login
The first time you log in some setup takes place. This logic makes sure that some sample data is available, but also sets all kinds of difficult stuff like the site that runs the vacancies. The installation may take up to 30 seconds. You can tell if the installation is complete once you see the Connexys Help is populated.

Please note that the 'Application setup' link only appears for Administrators.

By default Chatter is enabled. If you don't want to use it, simply press the 'Hide Feed' link.

The sidebar may be collapsed on pages. During setup we make sure the sidebar is visible on the Home page. You can make the sidebar visible by clicking the indicator.

Once you set it manually, it will stay in the position you indicated.

The search index that is available under 'Search Candidates' will populate with a little delay. About 5 minutes after first use 11 Candidates appear.

Newly added candidates are send to the index once every hour.

Complete your profile. Make sure everything is set correctly. Add your profile picture for instance.

Change the default organisation to a name of your choosing. To do so, go to Accounts and click the 'Go!' button to display all current Accounts.

The 'Connexys light' account is the one that is setup in trialforce. This can be renamed to a name of your choosing.

All set
OK, this was a short introduction to get you up and running with our CO-Recruiter app. You will find more articles within our CO-Recruiter app and in this knowledge bank.


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