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This article describes what to do in case you would like to post vacancies to jobboards using BroadBean.


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Configuration of settings Broadbean

In order to make use of Broadbean, the organisation has to have a contract with them. Furthermore, many job boards request a contract with the job board as well, in order to have the ability of posting jobs on them. Be sure to check that in advance.

The settings that need to be configured (in case there is a contract with Broadbean) are:

  • Broadbean contact person: When a job is published via Broadbean, important information concerning the job will be sent from the application to Broadbean and through to the job boards. Among this important information is also the contact person for the job, since some job boards also publish the name of the person that can be contacted by interested candidates. Therefore, this setting is used to determine who the contact person will be for each job. Possible options are: hiringmanagerrecruiterassistanthr_advisor and internship_supervisor.
  • Broadbean password: After the contract with Broadbean is closed, an organisation will receive inlog details. These inlog details also include a password. Fill the password in this setting to get Broadbean working in the application.
  • Broadbean username: Next to a password, an organisation will also receive a username after the contract with Broadbean is closed. This username should be filled in this setting to get Broadbean functioning in the application.
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