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Jobfeed automatically searches the Internet for new job ads every day. The jobs found are automatically entered in Jobfeed and classified by criteria such as profession, required qualifications, location and company name. The data can then be enriched, for example with job synonyms, sector information and company data. The user-friendly Jobfeed portal makes it easy to search for all jobs, produce analyses, identify sales leads and set up job alerts.

Benefits of Jobfeed

  • ability to generate sales leads
  • see the ads placed by existing or potential customers or competitors in the job market
  • link to your CRM system with Textkernel’s matching technology
  • rapidly find the right job for your candidate
  • identify trends and gather job market informatio

Source: http://www.textkernel.com/hr-software/jobfeed/




  • For more information, visit Textkernel English / Nederlands
  • To activate jobfeed, contact Connexys
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