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This article describes Job Requirements, and creating these as questions.

After publishing a job on the internet, the next step for the organization is to wait for candidates to apply. Some organizations have the luxury of receiving a high amount of job applications for their vacancies. Reviewing all of these applications can cost the recruitment department a lot of time. Using Job requirements on the application form is a great mechanism to reduce the number of applications that need to be reviewed.

Difference in Job Requirements

A Job Requirement can be shown on the application form as a question. It is used to determine whether a candidate meets a specific job requirement.

There are 2 types of Job Requirements:

  1. The first type will provide a positive or negative score based on the answers the applicant gives to Job Requirement questions. When more than one question is used, the sum of the scores will be provided as an overall score that can be used as an advice to reject or proceed with the process with the candidate. The higher the score, the better the compatibility with the job profile.
  2. The second type of Job Requirement questions is the use of a knock-out checkbox. Questions that are configured as a knock-out, are used in case a candidate needs to meet the requirement in order to proceed in the recruitment process. If the candidate scores negative on that question, the scores on the other question are no longer taken into account, since the overall score will then be negative in every case. This implies that a negative score on this kind of question will automatically result in a so-called "knock-out" for the candidate.

How to Configure Job Requirements

There are two possibilities to configure Job Requirements:

  1. for a specific job
  2. for job templates (in this case, the questions will be attached to every new job that is created based on that job template).

In the following sections, we will explain how to configure questions in both cases.

For a specific job

  1. Open the tab "Jobs" and search for the job that you want to create Job Requirements for and open the job file or that specific job.
  2. At the top of your screen, you will see "Job Requirements" by holding your mouse over it or clicking on it. you will see the following screen. 
  3. By clicking the button "New Job Requirement in job" the below screen will appear where you can create a new question. off course you can also use "Edit" to amend an existing question.
  4. Specify the "Question" but keep in mind that the answer can only be "yes" or "no" (e.g. on screen).
  5. Determine the importance of these Job Requirements in relation to the job and enter that value (on a scale of 1 to 99) in the field "Weight". By default, the value will be set to 1. The higher the weight, in relation to the weight of other questions, the more important this specific question is in the selection process. 
  6. Check the box of "Knock-out" if a negative answer to these Job Requirements should result in a negative overall score. If unchecked, the overall score will be given by the sum of scores of all questions.
  7. Click "Save" to create the question or "Save & New" to create another one.
  8. After saving, the above screen will show all the question details. From here it's also possible to add "Notes & Attachments". These notes and attachments will not be shown to the applicant but can be used for internal communication.
  9. The button "New Assessed Job Requirement" provides the opportunity to add an answer to this question for an already existing job application. For example, when a question is created after the start of the recruitment process, this question can be asked to a candidate during the first interview instead of on the application form. The answer to this question can then be added here by selecting the specific job application after clicking "New Assessed Job Requirement".
  10. The last section provides the possibility to add translations to the Job Requirement. When the application form is shown in different languages, it is useful to translate the Job Requirements to these languages. After clicking "New Translated Job Requirement ", it is possible to select the language for the translation (by use of the look-up button) and enter the translated question.

NB. Make sure that the checkbox 'Show job requirements'  is checked on the applicable application form. 

For job templates

  1. Click on "Application Setup" in the Connexys help section on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. In the section "Basic setup" select "Job Requirement ".
  3. Click the button "New Job Requirement " to create a new Job Requirement or "Edit" to amend an existing one.
  4. Enter the name of the question and the Job Requirement (e.g. in the screenshot) and click "Save" to save the question to the job templates or "Save & New" to create another one.

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