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We have received some reports from customers that emails sent by users with an unverified email address were not delivered. This is due to a change in the last Salesforce release (Summer '24). As other customers might also have missed this in the original release notes, we wanted to provide some extra context here.

What happens? 

With the Salesforce Summer '24 release earlier this year, email address verification was enforced. This means Salesforce now requires all users in all organizations (Production & Sandbox environments)  to verify their email addresses. If a user sends an email from an unverified email address, Salesforce rejects this email message and it will not be sent. 

Who is impacted?

Every customer should check to see if their users are verified. If a user received a password reset email at some point after 2022, their email will already be verified. Customers who use SSO or have older users have a higher risk of having users that are not verified. 

Action required

We advise all our clients to check if their users are verified using the following document provided by Salesforce or manually following these steps:

  1. check the users (See screenshot below) and send the verification mail by pressing "Verify". Salesforce email verification.png
  2. The user will get an email asking them to verify their email address.
  3. After the user has verified their email address by clicking on the link, the status behind their email address will change to verified (See screenshot below).Salesforce email Verified.png



Please reach out in case you have any questions. Bullhorn Support is available via email at or by phone at +3110 498 09 88. 

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