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This article is the general overview of the most important improvements for release v.10. For a list of new objects, fields and visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.

Start installing: Winter 2018 [Expected: February/March]

1. Additions
2. Changes  

1. Additions

1.1 Lightning Ready

We continued working on making Connexys Resource Manager ready for Salesforce Lightning. To read more on Salesforce Lightning, visit: Salesforce lightning campaign.


2. Changes

2.1 Lightning for Gmail

Salesforce has a Lightning for Gmail plugin that can be used to integrate Gmail with your Salesforce org. We have made some changes to make sure our app is compatible with this plugin. Please read this article for more information about Lightning for Gmail. [UFO-3, UFO-4]

Please be aware that this plugin is only available in Google Chrome. Furthermore, since our app is not yet available in Lightning Experience, you org needs to remain in the Classic version. Lightning for Gmail is compatible with Salesforce Classic.

2.2 Mass update

In Release 10 the ability to change a field for multiple records at once, Mass update, is implemented for the following objects:

Job application

You can access this functionality by adding the Mass Update button to the list view of these objects. Changing fields in the table overview of the selected records can be altered using the fieldset MassUpdate on the object you want to perform the Mass update on. Changing the fields allowed to be updated can be altered using the fieldset massUpdateSelection on the object you want to perform the Mass update on. Allowing the user to mass update all fields for an object is possible by checking the field MassUpdateAll on the User object. This user will be able to select all fields for mass update even if the fields are not part of the fieldset massUpdateSelection on the object you want to perform the Mass update on. If an update fails due to too many SOQL queries, then lower the batch size (pulldown on the third tab of the Mass update). [UFO-32]

This can also be enabled on other objects, please submit a change request when this is required.

2.3 Attachments

As of this release it's possible to send attachments as an actual file in stead of as links. Please be advised that Salesforce allows a maximum of 5000 special emails to be emailed daily. Special emails are emails with attachments, iCals and emails that contain CC's. For more information about this subject or if you want this enabled, please contact Customer Support. [TRS-3465]

2.4 Attachments on step

In addition to the possibility to send actual files as attachments, it's now also possible to set and send default attachments per workflow step. For this you need to add the new field Default attachments to the layout of the Workflow step page in the Connexys Setup. The picklist contains the different document types that are available in your org. You also need to enable the option to add different attachments on the step screen (that are available on the selected job application(s)). The field Allow users to add CV letters to email needs to be added to the Workflow step page layout in the Connexys Setup to enable this. [TRS-3472]


The default attachments will be shown on the cxsstep page below the email message to the contact if the field Allow users to add CV letters to email is also set to true. When you click on the button Change attachments below the default attachments, it will not only give you the option to upload documents, but will show you the related documents that are available for this job application (Add documents of selected job application). It's also possible to upload other documents or add a recent document.




2.5 Created from field has been improved

The Created from field (cxsrec__Created_from__c) on the Job application object has been improved, so that all possible options are filled. It will make a distinction between the following sources: Form, Dropzone, Wizard, Availability, Connexys Candidate Search, Connexys Job Search, Talentpool, Textkernel Candidate Search and Textkernel Job Search.

These values are not shown as a picklist value when you look up the field in the Salesforce Setup (this is technically not possible via a release for an existing field), but the correct value is filled automatically through our code. If you wish, you can add the picklist values manually yourself which will make reporting easier, but is not required, since the value is filled automatically. [UFO-91]

2.6 Anonymization of tasks

As of the new release the option has been added to make sure that tasks that are related to a candidate who needs to be anonymized, will not be completely deleted but only certain fields will be anonymized, to keep important reporting information. The fields that include personal information and need to be anonymized can be added to a custom fieldset on the Task object, which you need to create yourself (you also need to add the fields to the fieldset yourself). Copy the API name of the fieldset and add that to the new application settings Fieldset of Task fields to anonymize. The other new application setting is Do not delete related Tasks, this setting needs to be enabled to make use of this new functionality. The values of the fields in the custom fieldset will be deleted, the other fields will remain.

If you want to use this functionality, make sure you don't add the field Status to the custom fieldset on the Task object. Tasks will already be set to completed and adding the Status field to the fieldset will cause the anonymization process to crash on recurring task series. [UFO-29]

2.7 Multiple templates on cxsRecruitmentAgencyPublish page

On the cxsRecruitmentAgencyPublish page, which is where you distribute jobs to suppliers, we have enabled multiple email templates. Email templates for this page needs to be a System email template type; the System template needs to be Default_group_mail_a_friend_e_mail; and the object needs to be cxsMail_a_friend__c. Only Connexys users are able to create System email templates, so if you need another System email template, please contact Customer Support. [UFO-16]

2.8 Erasure request

It is now possible to submit an erasure request for candidates and contacts. A button has been created for this. When the users clicks on the button, the system automatically sets the default value for the field Date Erasure Requested (DateTime). The user can change the DateTime to a different value. The system also automatically fills the lookup with the corresponding Candidate or Contact, which is how the erasure request is linked to the record. When saving the erasure request for a candidate, the System redirects the user to the anonymize page. [TRS-4110]

2.9 Currency fields

The digit limit for all currency fields has been increased to the size of 16 digits before the decimal seperator. Decimals remain unchanged (2). [TRS-4097]

2.10 Multiple generated CV's

When selecting a previously generated CV from the same candidate, it will now also display the Account/Departement of the related Job and the Job application Created date, next to the Name of the Job application. The custom label Generated_CV_row is used for this where {0} will be the Job application name, {1} will be the account name of the related Job and {2} will be the Creation date of the job application (the value of the custom label consists of {0}, {1} and {2}). The order or content of the label can be adjusted by switching or removing one or more if desired, in an override for the needed language(s). [TRS-3544]

2.11 Obsolete fields

Just like the fields (Last_)CV_url__c, (Last_)Letter_URL__c, (Last_)Extra_Document_1_URL__c and (Last_)Extra_Document_2_URL__c the PDF versions of these fields are obsolete as well. So for the Candidate and Job application object the following fields are out of date and should not be used:

  • CV_pdf_url__c
  • Letter_pdf_url__c
  • Extra1_pdf_url__c
  • Extra2_pdf_url__c [UFO-27]


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